Yet another toothless response

A legislative draft was submitted to the State Duma to ban transportation by Polish carriers across Russia

Since the State Duma is a simulacrum (by the way, just the Duma would be enough, as it used to be in Russia before 1917, but in post-Soviet Russia they like to make up composite Bolshevist-style words, well, it’s complicated), I assume that no one just put forth a proposal to ban or allow anything on his or her own accord. Someone high up, someone else in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs,   Presidential Administration or Putin himself, though I doubt the latter, has introduced a draft of a new law that would ban Polish trucks from transporting goods across Russia.

This, we are being told, will be the response to the seizure of our embassy school (!) and a host of hostile actions by the criminal Polish statelet, actions which at all times in the past would have been considered acts of war. Such as the continuing military aggression of Poland, by means of and with support NATO, through the Kiev regime proxy against Russia in the Russia Minor territory. There are more than enough reasons both for issuing a nuclear ultimatum to Poland and for launching a massive nuclear strike on Poland (and no, there will be no response from the United States. It is impossible since they are not suicidal). There was also more than a dozen of perfectly justifiable reasons to terminate diplomatic relations with Poland. Why the Russian Federation maintains diplomatic relations with Poland and why they are needed, or why Poland is needed on the map, an entity most unnatural and malignant, is frankly beyond me.

Now about the future restrictions on Polish trucks in Russia’s domestic commerce. This is not a response, but a disgrace.  It’s a shame. Polish trucks should  have never been allowed to carry any goods in Russia.

I remember as a teenager, this was back in the late 80s in Austria where I worked for a small company that was also involved in international transportation (among other things), that participation of a foreign carrier in national commerce was unthinkable. Austria was neutral and there was no EU yet either (the EEC was kind of a precursor, but not quite). An Austrian truck could transport goods from Austria to Austria (from Vienna to Salzburg) and that’s it. If it was involved in cross-border commerce, then the truck could not transport goods in a third country or vice versa. A German truck could carry goods from Munich to Vienna, but could not pick up additional cargo in Salzburg along the way. Also, having unloaded its cargo in Vienna, the truck could take freight to Munich on the return leg, but could not take the goods to Salzburg. Domestic transport was the exclusive domain of national carriers. A Polish carrier could carry goods from Poland to Russia, but should have never been allowed to transport freight within Russia itself or carry goods from a third country, such as Germany, to Russia. If the authorities or the relevant bureaucracies in the Russian Federation allowed the enemy to do this (and the countries of Eastern and Western Europe never allowed this to Russian carriers), as it seems they did, then this is a disgrace and an example of ceding one’s rights and one’s market to the enemy.

Moreover, even in the USA there are distinct rules covering trucking within states (intrastate commerce) and between and among different states (interstate commerce).

As I understand it, the Poles were allowed to transport any type of freight (for example, they could take a consignment of wine or household appliances in France and transport them to Russia) although such cargo should have to be transported exclusively by Russian or French carriers. Now, it looks that they want to bring the rules into some sort of conformity with long established international transportation customs as well as with common sense.

Sorry guys, but this is neither forceful nor adequate response to Poland’s hostile actions.

This is the same as if someone pissed at your doorstep, then beat up your child, and now, as a response to your child being battered, you are telling the assailant that you prohibit him to continue pissing at your doorstep.


A machine translation of the news item follows:


The State Duma submitted a draft ban on transportation by Polish carriers in Russia

A draft appeal to the government was submitted to the State Duma, according to which it is proposed to ban Polish carriers from carrying out transportation through Russia in connection with the anti-Russian policy of Warsaw.
The State Duma submitted a draft ban on transportation by Polish carriers in Russia

The legislators recalled that the Polish authorities  seized the building at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw in April , which is a gross violation of international law.

“Deputies of the State Duma propose in this regard to make appropriate changes … providing for the exclusion of transportation by Polish road carriers on the territory of the Russian Federation,” the  appeal says .

It is also proposed to ban Polish drivers from refueling at Russian retail prices, “setting the cost of fuel for them at the level of European Union prices.”

Earlier, the Russian embassy in Warsaw  sent a note of protest to the Polish Foreign Ministry  in connection with the incident at the school.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stressed that  the seizure of the school looks especially cynical , since it is directed against the children studying there, whom the Polish authorities brazenly put out on the street.

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