Who is Vladimir Putin?
A Russian nationalist?
A bloodthirsty tyrant?
A humble KGB operative who climbed into a place well above his rank?
A deranged megalomaniac?
A Stalin wannabe?
The answer is none of the above.

Most individuals outside Russia, especially those who live in the so-called West, the lands that I call the collective Fourth Reich (more on that in the Fourth Reich chapter) are subjected to so much propaganda and brainwashed so thoroughly, and many of them don’t have much of that much-undervalued substance to wash to begin with, that they are unable to tell right from wrong never mind answering a question that not even they, but people in the Russian Federation would be puzzled with. Even in Russia, where propaganda is atrocious though not as shameless and blatant as it is the case in the transatlantic Fourth Reich, folks have a hard time answering the question. Opinions split. Arguments flare. Some believe Vladimir Putin is a phony monarch-like figure (and I am a monarchist, but I believe that the monarch must come from a legitimate dynasty, not from the KGB), a man who usurped an enormous amount of personal power and who abuses it brazenly while others, principally the dinosaurs, see in him a paternal figure who stands on guard against the evils of liberalism and its abominable “values.”

So, who is Vladimir Putin?

Vladimir Putin is the President of the Russian Federation. Unlike Joe Biden, Putin was actually elected. As we know, Joe Biden stole the election through a massive electoral fraud scam perpetrated on the American people in a feat so brazen and disgraceful that more or less it has amounted to a coup. But Putin was elected. Really. All right, let’s be fair, Biden did not steal the elections. He is merely a puppet, but the election was stolen on his behalf.

On the other hand, because elections in today’s Russia are a laughable affair, the legitimacy is also a moot issue, but so is the legitimacy of every state structure and every governmental office east of the current German and Austrian borders. And to get to the crux of the matter we’d have to learn what is the Russian Federation, how legitimate it is as a state, and how legitimate or illegitimate are other former Soviet Republics and states in Eastern and Central Europe, but we will leave the matter aside for the time being. We’d get to it in due course.

But for now, I’ll tell you who is Vladimir Putin.

He is not a bloody dictator or megalomaniac, and he is as dissimilar from the picture of him painted by the “collective West’s” media as a real person’s photograph is from a maliciously drawn caricature of that very same person.

Vladimir Putin is a spokesman.
He is a conférancier.
He is an arbiter.

If you know what role a doge played in the Venetian Republic, Vladimir Putin is also a doge-like figure. There is a difference: doges in Venice were elected through an exceptionally cumbersome but fair process, while from any standpoint of fairness Vladimir Putin is a usurper. It’s not his fault though since he was placed in the position to guard the governance and property arrangements that emerged in post-Soviet Russia, or was constructed there also with the help of the CIA and American advisors. Russia is a giant simulacrum; it is a Soviet nomenklatura dictatorship dressed in a theatrical costume of carefully managed electoral politics that make it superficially resemble its antipodes. But it remains a dictatorship though not a dictatorship of an individual dictator, since Vladimir Putin is not a dictator, but he is the overseer of an intricately complex arrangement. He is the true president since he presides over a complicated setup and guarantees its balance, stability and continuity.

The West’s or the collective Fourth Reich’s media’s ongoing attack on Vladimir Putin is meritless. It is a propagandist reduction of a complex reality to cartoonish demonization of an individual. Because the demonization seems to be so well-directed and coordinated, I suspect there are deeper reasons why he is being demonized so much. There is a theory in Russia that he is an American agent of influence, and that the American-led anti-Putin drive is in reality a smoke-and-mirrors campaign.

There are other theories about Putin’s role, which I’ll explore in my future posts.

But a dictator he’s not.


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