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The question of why is Putin so indecisive and such a “vegetarian” contains a deliberate catch.
There are a few theories why Putin is so indecisive and why his “strategy” makes so little sense either from the military or from a political standpoint.

The first theory that I’ve brought up is a hypothesis that Putin is an American agent of influence and that the colossal demonization effort unleashed by the so-called West’s media, by the Fourth Reich’s media, is nothing but a smokes-and-mirror campaign. I had presented the Putin as American Agent theory separately, but here is an alternative hypothesis that makes a great deal of sense. A friend of mine, an American and a strategic defense expert, told me that the behavior of the Russian leadership and Putin himself are so damaging from a strategic viewpoint and so nonsensical that he must be an American agent. But this is not the only possibility.
A smart and well-informed rabbit told me about the theory.

An introduction: there are four principal targets in Kiev, a Russian city now under NATO occupation that is deliberately misspelled as Kyiv. I won’t name those targets – one is the SBU (or Ukraine’s Gestapo, their security service installation). They are full of NATO advisors and are infested with top NATO personnel, most are Americans. The Russian command knows about those targets but is instructed to avoid them at all costs. Since these are the people who conduct the Ukraine’s ongoing war effort and its campaign of genocide, Russian people and Russian armed forces find themselves at an enormous handicap. Likewise, a sudden halt in air strikes against the energy infrastructure of this NATO protectorate or redirecting the attacks against other less important targets makes no sense to an outside military observer. Because it makes no sense, and the only explanation is someone sends a signal to the very top instructing it to stop.

There are also many political lines that Putin shies away from but which make sense. What about addressing the German people and telling them that their country has been subjugated and that Russia would help Germany recover stolen lands and obtain compensation for some 10 million individuals, descendants of those who were ethnically cleansed from the artificial statelets of Czechoslovakia and Poland? This would cause not just a rift but possibly would lead to a collapse of internal NATO security arrangements and a major political realignment within Germany. What about renouncing internal Soviet borders? Withdrawing recognition of Ukraine’s sovereignty or setting up a government in exile? As Russia could have done back in 2014 but for some mysterious reasons failed to do. Are those reasons mysterious?

Obviously, if Putin were an American agent of influence, he would behave precisely like he is behaving. Like he would avoid damaging the enemy’s infrastructure, return captured personnel (to Britain and other NATO states), and halt advances in order to begin pointless negotiations. But could there be a different reason why he is behaving like this? We must discard two other options: he is a gullible, stupid person who never learns, as he is nothing of the sort.
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Illustration: Odilon Redon, L’Araignée, The Smiling Spider, 1881, Louvre, Paris, France. Odillon Redon is a wonderful artist, (1840–1916), check out his pegasuses or pegasi. 


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