If birthday is most likely the significant occasion to a person, marriage anniversary is for couples who had been into several trials in their marital lives.

Wedding Anniversary

In commemorating the date of couples’ marriage, the partners usually spend time together, exchanging presents of real value. The token need not be expensive to acquire an appreciation. Even a small- personalized thing will do to cherish the moment when at the same period a few years ago, both partners exchanged vows in an altar or in the presence of the solemnizing officer.

Tradition had set that an occasion of celebrating a wedding anniversary is always associated with particular gifts depending on how far the marriage had gone. To name a few, for the first, fifth and tenth years, the gifts should be paper, wood, and tin respectively. With paper, wood or tin, the partner can already show off his or her artistic prowess to design something to it that would make the other partner happy.

Traditional Gifts

Maybe someone had already thought about making a personalized photo album or a gift book. This piece of advice shall not only give you an opportunity to flaunt your artistic side, but also to save you from other costly products that you thought would have sense to your partner, just because they are expensive. The real meaning of the gift giving is one that matters than its price, not unless the recipient is inherently materialistic. Obviously, the gift for a material person would become valuable only when it could give her advantages. Consider her an exception to the recommendation posed.

The hailed crystal anniversary on the fifteenth year of marriage is regarded as the first level that requires serious attention and that should be given proper recognition compared to those anniversary years prior to it. Sometime family members get together for some party celebration to take pleasure in the rejoicing of the couples who have reached far from their marriage. The next bigger thing to crystal anniversary is the silver anniversary on the twenty- fifth years. Subsequent to the silver is the golden anniversary of the husband and wife on the fiftieth years of togetherness. To most people, diamond anniversary is the most important among other anniversaries.

To reiterate, here are the traditional wedding anniversary gifts: (1) paper, (2) cotton or straw, (3) leather, (4) fruit and flowers or books, (5) wood, (6) sugar or iron, (7) woollen or copper, (8) bronze or pottery, (9) willow or pottery, (10) tin or aluminium, (11) steel, (12) silk or linen, (13) lace, (14) ivory, (15) crystal, (20) china, (25) silver, (30) pearl, (35) coral, (40) ruby, (45) sapphire, (50) gold, (55) emerald, (60, 70, and 75) diamond.

Modern Gifts

As time continues to evolve, subsequently there came another gift list that is known as the modern wedding anniversary gift list. Among the subjects of the modern list are: (1) clock, (2) china, (3) crystal or glass, (4) appliance, (5) silverware, (6) woodenware, (7) desk accessories, (8) linen or lace, (9) leather, (10) diamond jewellery, (11) fashion jewellery, (12) pearls, (13) textiles or furs, (14) gold jewellery, (15) watch, (20) platinum, (25) silver, (30) diamond jewellery, (35) jade, (40) ruby, (45) sapphire, (50) gold, (55) emerald, (60, 70, and 75) diamond.

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