US to steal Russia’s sovereign assets

It is obvious that the US has committed several acts of war against Russia, and it is amazing that Russia has not responded so far. Possibly, Putin thinks that the revenge is the sort of dish that is best served cold.

It is also that obvious that Biden, the senile impostor in the White House, is behind this but I am quite also sure that there are people from the ziocon gang who are pushing it.

I hope Russia breaks off relations with US, and hits Americans in the Middle East. A sank aircraft carrier or two would do. Iran must get nuclear weapons as well because the key to resolving the situation is to be found in the Middle East. Israel, the malignant artificial Zionist entity, is far more important to the ziocons than the Bolshevik-created state of Ukraine. Russia has been extremely timid so far, probably, that’s my only suspicion, because the top faction of nomenklatura has enormous personal assets as well as family members in jurisdictions like the UK. And they are afraid to jeoparadize them. The timidity is astonishing but let’s see how it works out, I have a feeling we are at the commencing stages of this war, it hasn’t yet begun, and there are bigger fish to fry than Zelensky’s kosher Reich.

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