Tiffany Style Lamps

This could be you place to purchase one of the most stylish lamps we have known- An Antique Tiffany Style Lamp.

Antique Tiffany style lamps are renowned for being the most stylish glass shaded lights of all time. They were designed in the very early nineteen twenties. Some even say that it was collaboration between Thomas Edison and Louis Comfort Tiffany when starting on the first light filament bulb that formed the idea.

Most of the Tiffany style lamps you will find in the market are made of stained glass. Glass has the property to reflect soft light well and at the same time has the ability to create a romantic old world feel and look.

The first Tiffany lights had a polished brass base with a shade made up of a random patterned glass encompassing many different colors. The original style lights can fetch over two million dollars and are sought after by collectors and museums.

When buying your Antique Tiffany Style Lamp

-Choose your favorite stain of glass to match where the lampshade will go trying to match it against the room color when the light is turned on.

-Ensure the style of glass pattern matches the type of room you will be placing the lamp in.

-Decide whether the lamp is to be a center focal point. If so a Floor Lamp could be appropriate. Other wise a Desk or hanging lamp could suffice.

-Try and have all the accessories to match the lamp such as pillows, rugs and bed covers.

-Enjoy your antique Tiffany style lamp!!

These types of lights have become mainstream these days and many cheaper spin-off’s are available online-Buyer beware

Source by Matthew Smart

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