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It’s a gorgeous day, you’ve got a rack of ribs to smoke, and your friend who was gonna bring the coleslaw to the barbecue got a flat tire. Whipping up an extra side is no problem—especially if you have a remote alarm thermometer to monitor your meat and pit temperatures. And, our favorite, the ThermoWorks Smoke BBQ Alarm Remote Thermometer, has a wireless receiver that works up to 300 feet away, so you can make that coleslaw AND cook ribs without breaking a sweat.

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To buy: ThermoWorks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer was $99, now $69 at

Why It Won Our Review

The Smoke was our favorite app-free wireless grill thermometer for multiple reasons. First, we loved that it comes with a pocket-size receiver (with a range of 300 feet, e.g., the length of a football field) you can tote around to monitor temperatures while doing other things. The base also has two inputs for probes so you can monitor your pit and meat temps, and you can program alarms to let you know if the meat is ready or if the ambient temperature dipped. And talk about precision! It has accurate readings to 0.1 degrees (in case you’re that picky of a grillmaster), and we also liked that its water-resistant case is magnetic so you can stick it to the grill. And now that it’s $30 off, you don’t have to break the bank to confidently monitor a rack of ribs while you work on other tasks indoors.  

Good to Know

Materials: Plastic, stainless steelDimensions: 3.78 x 4.68 x 1.01 inches for the Smoke, 4.21 x 2.05 x 1.01 inches for the receiverType of connectivity: Wired connection with wireless receiverApp compatible?: NoNumber of probes included: 2 (for meat and ambient temperature)Type of base: Magnetic main receiver; wireless receiverProbe Range: -58 to 572°F Cable Max Temp: Max 700°F 


How accurate is the ThermoWorks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer?

The display has a resolution of 0.1 degrees, and in our testing, the ThermoWorks Smoke was accurate within a single degree Fahrenheit. 

What is the temperature range of the ThermoWorks Smoke Remote BBQ Alarm Thermometer?

ThermoWorks advertises that their probes can read between -58 to 572°F, and their probe wires are temperature-safe up to 700ºF. Most smoking temperatures rarely climb over 250ºF, however, so it’s unlikely you’d ever need to push the Smoke to its limit.

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