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I’ll admit it! I have it good: every morning, my husband gets up before me, makes coffee, and brings it to my bedside in a temperature-controlled Ember Smart Mug. 

When I wake up, my coffee’s at my preset, preferred 135°F temperature and ready to drink. And it stays that hot as I leisurely sip and I scroll through TikTok or emails or, on my better days, read before work. 

If you’re not a fan of too-hot coffee or hot coffee gone cold, you may well appreciate one of these mugs, too. We’re actually generally fans of the Ember: after testing seven temperature-controlled smart mugs, we named the Ember Travel Mug our top pick (I have the handled version of the Ember, which didn’t win our testing, but still performed very well). And, right now, for Prime Day, both are 30% off. 

Ember Travel Mug

AmazonSerious Eats / Ashley Rodriguez

If you’re wondering how the Ember works, it’s app controlled. This is how you’ll set the temperature (a range of 120 to 145°F). You can even save multiple preset temperatures for if, say, you want drip coffee at one temperature, lattes at something else, and green tea at another. The Travel Mug also features an onboard display, while the handled Ember can only be adjusted via the app. Off of its charger, the Travel keeps coffee piping hot for three hours, while the standard Ember has a battery life of 80 to 90 minutes.  

Ember Mug 14 oz


At home, I prefer the handled version as it most closely resembles a standard mug. However, those who like more features or frequently take their brew on the go, may like the Travel. Either way, you’ll have hot, ideal temperature coffee for an exceptionally long time, which is worth its weight in coffee beans.

Key Specs

Capacity: 12 ounces (Travel); 10 or 14 ounces (Ember)Temperature range: 120 to 145°F Battery life: 3 hours (Travel); 80 to 90 minutes (Ember)


What’s a temperature-controlled mug? 

A temperature-controlled mug keeps your coffee hot (often at a user-selected, preset temperature) for a set amount of time. They come with charging pads, too.

What’s the best temperature-controlled mug? 

After testing, we recommend the temperature-controlled Ember mugs. They worked well and had the most intuitive, user-friendly app of the bunch.

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