Frustrated with what’s been going on I took an extended break from writing about ongoing events.  I am going to add hyperlinks.

The most important events of the last two months (I first published it in a different blog)

In order of importance. I will separately explain why they are important, so there are ten of them, in order of importance, from the most important and down the list
1. North Korea’s solid fuel ballistic missile
2. Zionist genocide in Gaza
3. Finnish fascists beg for a fight and the beginning of the US military presence in Finland
4. Polyansky’s speech at the UN
5. Congress’ refusal, possibly temporary, to transfer 60 billion to the regime in Ukraine

Less important events
6. EU sanctions package (“No Russia” clause) radically restricting trade with third countries
7. Deployment of German troops on a permanent basis in the former Soviet Republic of Lithuania
8. US aggression against Yemen
9. Putin’s speech, his several hour long live conference
10. Wiretapping in Zaluzhny’s office

To that I’d add the fabrication of Russia’s war losses report by the CIA, a traditional forger of fake politically motivated intelligence and reports, the ban, das Verbot. on Christmas presents from Russia in Scholz’s crumbling Reich and, also there, in Germany, an almost surreal campaign of Russophobia, first confiscation of Russia’s sovereign assets, also in Germany. But they are certainly not on par with the above 10.

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