Russian LPG terminal attacked

In his today’s program Alexander Mercouris was speaking about drone attack on an LPG terminal near St. Petersburg,

Just a quick comment as I am watching this. The drone strike on the Novatek gas terminal was carried out from Estonia. Novatek is a private company, and their gas terminal was attacked. The port of Ust Luga is right on the border with what is now the NATO protectorate of Estonia. The distance from that terminal to the border and NATO installations over water is about 5 km (5000 meters, 5000 yards) and 35 km (22 miles) to Narva, a city in Estonia. Narva is a Russian city (90% of inhabitants are Russian speakers) currently under Estonian occupation. A quick glance at the map would put this into a proper prospective, look where is Ukraine and Ust Luga, and where is Estonia and Ust Luga. A drone from “the” Ukraine will most likely be detected and intercepted since it has to fly over 1000 km over land but in case of an attack from Estonia it only has to fly 5 km, that is about 5000 yards, under radar over perfectly still surface of water or ice. Ust Luga is indefensible in the first of hours of the upcoming war. The attack on a base in Pskov was also carried out from Estonia, and another one from Latvia, and not Ukraine, but it was swept under the carpet in order to buy some time. It is obvious that NATO is baiting and poking Russia and trying to provoke Russia into some sort of premature response.

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