When decorating your home’s interior, there are countless design themes to choose from.  For every type of interior design there are style-specific decor items.  One piece of home decor that will always fit in, no matter the design scheme, is a tapestry.

Tapestries are available in many different styles, colors, and sizes to meet the wide needs of customers who are decorating their homes.   Besides considering the overall effect intended in a room, one must take into account the available lighting and the size of the wall the tapestry will be displayed on.  Because of the large selection corresponding to the varying requirements customers have, tapestries are an excellent choice for your home decor.

For the elegant home, or a fine art lover, tapestries are an inexpensive way to incorporate a beloved work of art.  Make your home a miniature museum by hanging a classic Degas or Monet tapestry, or even a reproduction of the Mona Lisa.

Perhaps a relaxing bedroom retreat is designed as a nautical escape.  Nothing will achieve this effect faster than a coastal tapestry depicting a lighthouse, a scenic shore, or a fleet of sailboats leaving the harbor.  Within this category, similar to the others, there is quite a bit of variety.  One can choose between artistic reproductions of famous paintings or crystal-clear reproductions of famous photography.

In a western home or rustic lodge, a tapestry cements the interior decor by portraying a wildlife scene.  These types of tapestries are ideal for a sportsman.  There are even Native American themed tapestry wall hangings, with Navajo Rugs available as a fresh spin on a typical tapestry.

A more cultured look is also available with tapestry wall hangings showcasing tribal motifs that elicit dreams of Africa; Oriental flair is channeled via a Geisha or Zen tapestry.  Display the homeowner’s ethnicity by using a wall hanging that is in the traditional style of their homeland.

Even the modern home decorator will be amazed at the available abstract tapestries, ranging from Cubist-inspired art to Andy Warhol inspired prints of Marilyn Monroe.  Combining the new with the old, Abstract and Modern Wall Art tapestries often take a traditional pattern, such as the damask print, and give a fresh spin to it.  This may be accomplished by enlarging the print, distorting the pattern slightly, or mixing it with other styles and motifs.

Animal-lovers can display their affection through wall hangings such as horse tapestries or elephant tapestries.  Overlap is even seen between ethnic and animal tapestries in the Serengeti elephant tapestry or the Serengeti Zebra tapestry.

Don’t forget seasonal decor!  Holiday decorating will never be stressful again when a tapestry depicting Old Saint Nicholas, Christmas trees, or jingle bells adorns your walls.

No matter what type of design scheme you are using in your home, you will find a tapestry to complement that decor.  Tapestries come in all sizes as well, often with varying options for the same tapestry.  This assists those planning a new room to purchase the correct size corresponding to the size of the room.

Source by Jacqui M Barnett

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