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When it comes to coffee makers and espresso machines, Breville strikes a balance between user-friendly design and serious tech. With easy-to-read displays, multiple settings, and precise temperature controls, Breville has made cafe-quality coffee more accessible at home. (We’re particularly big fans of their espresso machines.) 

Right now, some of their brewers are 20% off for a limited time. Here’s what’s worth buying (and why).

Breville Barista Express Impress Espresso Machine


Why we love it: By adding automatic coffee portioning and an assisted tamping lever, Breville streamlined the trickiest parts of pulling an espresso shot with this machine. The Barista Impress Express uses the tamp piston to double-check the dose of coffee: If it’s too high or low, the machine will make its own adjustments. Right on the money, and a green smiley face pops up letting you know your espresso puck is good to go. Its precision temperature controls are accurate to a single degree Fahrenheit so your shots always pull consistently, and its steam wand is powerful enough to create microfoam for latte art. All in all, it’s our top espresso machine with a built-in grinder (and a personal favorite of many Serious Eats staff members). 

 Good to Know

Dimensions: 13 by 15 by 16 inchesWeight: 24 pounds Capacity: 2 litersGrind settings: 25Features: Automatic coffee dosing, assisted tamping lever, precision temperature controlWarranty: 2-year repair, replacement warrantySerious Eats / Jesse Raub

Breville Precision Brewer with Thermal Carafe


Why we love it: No other drip brewer offers as much control as the Breville Precision Brewer. While it used to be our favorite coffee maker, (it was dethroned in our latest round of testing for not saturating the coffee as well as our winners) we still think it’s a great brewer and worth buying. It has settings for adjusting brew temperature, bloom time, and even three different flow rates to customize your brew speed. The coffee maker features both cone-shaped and flat-bottom filter baskets (we like the flat-bottomed one for more even extraction), and you can even use your own favorite pourover dripper with an extra adapter kit. If you like customizing your brew settings, you can’t go wrong with this brewer. Plus, the thermal carafe keeps coffee hot for hours. 

Good to Know 

Materials: Stainless steel and plasticDimensions: 9 x 14 x 16 inchesWeight: 3.2 poundsWater reservoir capacity: 60 ouncesWarranty: 1-year limited warrantySerious Eats / Vicky Wasik

Breville Grind Control Coffee Maker


Why we love it: While we’re not huge fans of drip brewers with built-in grinders in general, the Breville Grind Control was by far the best model we tested. It was the only model that had a high-quality burr grinder, and you can calibrate how much coffee it delivers based on the number of cups you select. We were impressed with its smart reservoir that lets you brew smaller pots even if you fill it up to the top, and it has a number of grind and strength settings so you can dial in the perfect balance for your own taste preferences.

Good to Know

Materials: Stainless steel and plasticDimensions: 13 x 9 x 17 inchesWeight: 16 poundsWater reservoir capacity: 60 ouncesNumber of grind settings: 6Warranty: 1-year limited warrantySerious Eats / Jesse Raub

Breville Precision Brewer with Glass Carafe


Why we love it: As much as we love the temperature stability of a thermal carafe, stainless steel interiors can pick up old coffee flavors over time if they’re not thoroughly cleaned. This version of Breville’s Precision Brewer features the same adjustable settings for brew temperature, bloom time, and brew speed, only with a glass carafe that’s easier to clean.

Good to Know 

Materials: Stainless steel and plasticDimensions: 7 x 12 x 16 inchesWeight: 3.1 poundsWater reservoir capacity: 60 ouncesWarranty: 1-year limited warranty
Serious Eats / Vicky Wasik


How long will the sale last? 

There are no stated dates for this sale, so act fast if you want to snag a deal—$180 off the Breville Barista Impress Express put it in the same price category as other Breville espresso machines with built-in grinders and fewer features. 

Where is the sale happening? 

The sale prices can be found at,, and directly at

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