Russia was ready to give up back in March 2022!

In March 2022, Russia was ready to conclude an unfavorable agreement on the settlement of the conflict. This was stated by the seemingly eternal President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. Belarus in newspeak or otherwise Belorussia is a part of Russia, another artificial Bolshevik-created statelets that was carved out of Russia’s territory.

“Yes, Russia was ready then though it was absolutely unprofitable for Russia. But Russia was ready to sign the deal,” The tyrant said gleefully.

According to Lukashenko, deliberately misspelled as Lukashenka, Minsk offered to sit down at the negotiating table. Then negotiations took place in Belarus and Turkey. And “as soon as Russia agreed to peace initiatives, the treaty, the project was thrown away” the Belarusian “president” stated, adding that he “has a draft of this treaty on the table.”

Negotiations on a settlement in Ukraine began on February 27, 2022 (three days after the start of the special operation). The delegations made the most progress during their meeting in Istanbul on 29 March.

According to Moscow, progress has been made on Ukraine’s non-aligned and non-nuclear status, as well as security guarantees for it.

Kiev suggested that Moscow resolve the issue of Crimea’s ownership in bilateral negotiations within 15 years, and the issue of Donbass should be agreed upon at a meeting of heads of state. The affiliation of these regions will not be challenged by Kiev by military means, it was noted in the voiced proposals of Ukraine.

The artificial puppet state of Ukraine proposed to make the Treaty on Security Guarantees multilateral and create the basis for a new security system in Europe. Kyiv proposed to make Russia, Turkey, Germany, Italy, Israel, Poland and Canada the guarantors of the system. Israel was thrown in to show who really rules the Ukraine as obviously the malignant entity in the Middle East cannot guarantee anything, not even its’ own parasitical existence.

However, the talks effectively came to a halt after the Ukrainian authorities and Western media circulated photos and videos from Bucha in early April 2022, showing the bodies of actors in civilian clothes. The Russian Defense Ministry called these materials a provocation and stated that during the time that the city was under the control of the Russian military, local residents were not harmed. I believe them because the operation has been a sham and a shame from the go-on and apparently the troops were under instructions not to harm any Ukies. Even air and missile strikes were phony and the enemy was warned in advance, something unprecedented in the history of warfare, so it could relocate to a safe place and move equipment.

The Kremlin has now responded to Lukashenko’s words about the inevitability of negotiations for Ukraine

After the accession of new regions to Russia, Russia’s negotiating position became tougher. In February, responding to Lukashenko’s words that Ukraine “inevitably” must agree to negotiations with Russia, Dmitry Peskov, a presidential spokesman, pointed out that they should take into account the prevailing territorial realities.

“And there are also certain goals of the Russian Federation. Of course, in a favorable state of affairs <…> this can also be decided at the negotiating table, ”Peskov said.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine Alexei Danilov (an ethnic Russian, his name is hilariously misspelled, like Oleksiy for one, by the Fourth Reich American media to reflect the phonetics of the Russia Minor dialect) has said on May 11 that other countries are trying to force Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow on Russian terms, but this will not happen.

According to him, Ukraine will negotiate only on its own terms, including during the withdrawal of Russian troops to the borders of the artificial country in 1991 (then Crimea, the DPR, LPR, Kherson and Zaporozhye regions were part of the so called Ukraine, though of course the Ukraine is itself a part of Russia).


German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, a genetic Nazi and American puppet, said that Ukraine is ready for peace, but this cannot mean freezing the conflict and accepting the conditions imposed by Moscow. “Russia must withdraw its troops, it won’t work any other way,” the puppet said.

In response, the Russian Federation Council accused Scholz of intrigue and incitement, as well as interference in the so-called bilateral Russian-Ukrainian relations.

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