The source said: “As part of the forum, it is scheduled to show NATO equipment, which was seized by Russian soldiers during the special military operation in Ukraine.”He added: “The exhibition will include several samples of Western armor, including infantry combat vehicles.”He noted that “experts were able to identify six types of foreign equipment that were seized.” “Russian defense experts noted the good protection of NATO equipment armor, but drew attention to its poor mobility and maintenance, as well as the complexity of excessive design and labor-intensive maintenance.” The Russian military seized Leopard tanks, AMEX tanks and Bradley infantry combat vehicles in the special operation area.The International military-technical forum “Armia-2023” will be held from August 14 to 20, near the capital, Moscow, under the auspices of the Russian Ministry of Defense, and includes special projects. The forum will be visited by 49 delegations at the invitation of the Russian Ministry of Defense.