Who would have thought that Playboy would try to get their geek-on by creating their Tron pictorial? Inspired by the movie, Tron: Legacy, Playboy’s Tron pictorial, “Game on” video, and behind the scenes footage of the photo shoot, are an amazing sight and truly phenomenal art work.

It all starts with a rather artistic venture by Hugh Hefner’s Playboy team. The renowned magazine and business empire took two of its playmates and turned them into phenomenal Tron-style, high-tech looking masterpieces that impressed me more as a work of art than anything else. The shoot and video definitely don’t disappoint fans of Playboy, as well as other fans of art in general.

It’s interesting to see how the playmate Irina Voronina and Sasckya Porto, are transformed with the careful application of bodypaint to get them “Tronned up” for the shoot. Also in the photo shoot and video: Playboy’s “Game On” features custom-built Tron cycles. Printwork and video aside, one of the most interesting parts of the work are the featured Parker Brothers Choppers Light Cycles, which are replicas of the Tron cycles.

Though the Tron cycles are totally awesome to look at, Tron cycles are said to come with a tall price tag of $35,000 each. The custom Tron bikes were created by Parker Brothers Choppers of Melbourne, Florida, who are creating a total of five custom-built bikes based on the light cycles from Tron: Legacy. Scoring one of these neon-glow, street legal motorcycles for yourself for that minimum of $35,000 may be unlikely for the average person, but there are a lot of chopper fans who would like to collect one.

Playboy Tron’s “Game On” video is technically nude in some parts, but is fairly tame compared to most of their industries comparative material After all, the Playmates are all strategically covered in bodypaint. Playboy truly gets all geeked-out creating this real-life Tron style battle between the Playmates. The even implemented the light discs in the fight. For those of you who are not fans of the Playboy empire, viewing the Playboy Tron features will still likely leave you appreciating it as a creative and genuinely artistic work.

Source by J.D. Cole

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