Parallel Universes

I am reading Russian news sources, unofficial channels, and blogs run by knowledgeable men on the ground. I also read the Fourth Reich/USA/Kiev junta’s propaganda. I am at a loss since they are more than contradictory. Sometimes we come across news items that are spectacular opposites of each other.

When you are reading news from two camps, as Russia and the collective West are two opposing camps, the Ukraine is merely a pawn in the game, a US-Zionist proxy, and you notice that there is no convergence whatsoever, you get overcome by an odd feeling of outlandishness.

I haven’t yet experienced anything like that. Captive audiences in captive nations like the US are only subjected to their own propaganda, but when you are in a privileged position and can see both sides of the medal, then the scene strikes you as outright schizophrenic.

The main news is that Ukraine or rather the Fourth Reich’s supplied Patriot missiles shot down six or seven Dagger or Kinzhal rockets yesterday. A photo of Kiev’s “mayor” Klichko is shown as evidence. Here you can see six of Klichko’s photos documenting six shot-down Kinzhals.

However, the parts of some pipes in the photo have nothing to do with Kinzhal, even size-wise it appears as a different apparatus altogether.
Moreover, on-the-ground Russian sources, those, which are not explicitly affiliated with the government, including people I know personally, say that all missiles had hit their targets and that a battery of Patriot missiles was destroyed as well. There is also video footage showing dozens of Patriot missiles being fired at low-cost decoys, and a Kinzhal hitting its target, a Patriot battery.

It is obvious, that the US and their vassals on one hand, and the Kiev regime on the other are closely related. In the case of the US, the ringleaders of media cartels, propaganda outfits, and the neocon-run state department are often directly related, that is literally bound by blood and ethnic kinship to the Jewish junta that has usurped power in Kiev (Blinken, Nuland, Yellen, Zelensky all belong to the same tribe), and in this war of Neoliberalism run amok and the organized transnational Judea on Russia, the same enemy that had already enslaved the country in 1917, a conflict mislabeled and misrepresented as Russian aggression against the Ukraine (with a definite article) the intensity of propaganda and lies have reached a surreally high pitch.

I don’t remember any time in history when the lies told and spread around were so monstrous and so shameless, and propaganda so outrageous. Historically, in past conflicts, the warring parties had published the same news but were presenting them from different angles. Their accompanying narratives, not the substance were different. Here the stories themselves are polarly opposed to each other, and since I have my own sources on the ground, I now realize that the other side, that is the collective West, and puppeteers of the Kiev’s very much alien junta, lie more and are more brazen in their lies.

Though Russia displays a take-it-easy attitude and it has been exceptionally careful at avoiding civilian casualties or even harming ordinary members of the NATO puppet forces, an attitude that I find unfortunate as I see no reason or purpose for this sort of fake humanism because there is no gain at dragging this conflict, and there were means to end it by force in about a week, the other side refused to appreciate the generosity or to make any compromises. In fact, it had exhibited an uncompromising means-justify-the-ends frame of mind as if the collective transatlantic Fourth Reich was fighting for its own survival.

And who knows, perhaps it is.

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