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Not every coffee maker is built the same. Cheaper coffee makers have weaker boilers that can only get water to 185ºF and take up to 10 minutes to finish brewing a pot, resulting in weak, bitter coffee. OXO’s 9-Cup Brewer, on the other hand, meets the Specialty Coffee Association’s Certified Home Brewer standards with quick brew times and water that reaches 200ºF within the first minute of its brew cycle, highlighting coffee’s natural sweetness. And while there are other brewers we recommend that meet the same specs, the OXO 9-Cup has a big advantage: it’s the only one of our winners that’s programmable. It’s also 30% off for Prime Day.

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Why It Won Our Review

While we usually recommend grinding your coffee right before brewing to preserve more aromatics, there are some mornings where it’s just better when the coffee pot wakes up before you do. In our testing, the OXO 9-Cup was easy to program (just twist the dial to set the timer) and brewed between 195ºF-205ºF (the ideal range) for the entire brew cycle, even on its automatic timer. Because it brews directly into an insulated carafe, too, your coffee will stay hot even if you hit the snooze button. It also has settings for larger or smaller batches, so the brewer can adjust how fast it dispenses water over the coffee grounds to achieve ideal saturation time. It received high marks in our taste tests (especially with lighter roasted coffees), and overall it’s a great brewer for coffee nerds and regular coffee drinkers alike.

Good to Know

Stated capacity: 45 ounces or 9 cupsHeight of brewer: 17.2 inchesWeight: 11 poundsBuilt-in bloom cycle: YesType of carafe: Thermal carafeAverage brew time: 6 minutes, 40.5 secondsWattage: 1400 wattsWarranty: 2 years


How do you use the OXO 9-Cup Coffee Maker?

The OXO 9-Cup Coffee Maker operates like any other brewer. First, you fill the reservoir with your desired amount of water. Then, add a filter to the brew basket, and measure out the right amount of coffee to water (we suggest 60 grams per liter). From there you can either start a brew cycle, or your can rotate through its settings to program the brew cycle to start at a later time. 

What temperature does the OXO 9-Cup brew at?

The OXO 9-Cup brewer meets the Specialty Coffee Association’s Certified Home Brewer and is able to reach 200ºF within the first minute of the brew cycle. It also holds a temperature between 195ºF and 205ºF during its entire brew cycle, which is ideal for extracting the sweeter and more balanced flavors out of coffee.

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