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Great kitchen towels lead you fearlessly through messy spills and allow you to dry off every pot and pan in your dishrack. However, they’re also useful for much more. In a restaurant, a kitchen towel over your shoulder can help keep your fingertips dry and can replace a potholder. This means restaurants need tough-as-nails towels that are still soft to the touch, like the Zeppoli Classic Dish Towels

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Why They Won Our Review

No other dish towel was as absorbent in our tests (we evaluated 17 of them!). The Zeppoli towels boasted an incredible 141% absorbency rate and dried every dish without leaving lint behind. They were sturdy and tough while being a bit on the smaller side, making them easy to double up as a potholder. And while they did take longer to dry than most, the Zeppoli towels come in a big pack. That means you can toss used ones in the hamper with abandon and not worry about running out. Arguably, though, the best part about them is the price—already inexpensive, this deal puts them at less than a dollar per towel.

Good to Know

Material: 100% cottonDimensions: 14 x 25 inchesCare instructions: Machine wash warm; tumble dry lowHanging hook: No


What’s the difference between a dish towel and a kitchen towel?

In short, nothing—the two terms are generally interchangeable. To get more specific, kitchen towels are generally a broader category of towels used in the kitchen that includes tea towels, dishcloths, and washcloths, but the key factor for all of these types of towels is that they’re absorbent and study. 

How do you choose a kitchen towel?

There are a few important things to consider when picking out kitchen towels. You’re going to want towels that are absorbent, sturdy, dry quickly, and aren’t too large. A good kitchen towel should be able to mop up a spill, dry off pots and pans, and double as a potholder in a pinch without unraveling.

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