Odessa (in newspeak Odesa) update

The good guys had again struck ammunition depots and weapons dumps of the Ukie NATO puppets in Odessa, a Russian city currently under the occupation of the artificial state of Ukraine.

The Fourth Reich’s propaganda outfits went hysterical yesterday over the alleged shooting down of six Kinzhal missiles. It never happened. Instead, it became known from a number of credible sources that up to four components of the Patriot system, including several launchers, had been destroyed at two locations.

Although the Kiev junta will again deny that any targets have been hit, even this amateur footage proves otherwise. The Ukraine is a totalitarian dictatorship, so filming and uploading any footage showing air strikes or flying missiles is an offense, punishable by imprisonment officially or by death unofficially in this lawless satrapy. This posted footage shows that Patriot and other Fourth Reich supplied air-defense toys fail at shooting down missiles, and that targets are being hit to a spectacular effect.

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