North Korea’s solid fuel ballistic missile complex

This is an improvised translation of my article in Russian on a different website. Use the language switch there to read it in Russian.

Yesterday I watched (I watch it every day) Judging Freedom on Youtube, hosted by the former New Jersey Supreme Court judge  Andrew Napolitano (he is brilliant) who had Ray McGovern on the show (he used to be a CIA big shot). They’d discussed the neocons, Ukraine, confiscation of frozen Russian assets, and so on,  and by the end they’d come to the most important event of the last days, months and perhaps the last 30 years.

If you believe what you hear, since I might have missed the news, which all the Americans foreign policy officials prefer to ignore (they are nominally American, as the foreign policy establishment in the US is now firmly in the furry paws of neocons and Zionists), an extraordinary thing happened. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea now got a mobile ballistic missile complex capable of hitting any target in the United States, not only in Hawaii, no, not only on the West Coast, say in a place like San Francisco, but anywhere. The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea can nuke Washington and the US government facilities, say in order of their importance… the White House, AIPAC, CIA, State Department, Pentagon, Congress. Koreans can now nuke New York (the largest Jewish city on earth) and even Florida – an appendage off the southeastern part of the USA which geographically must be the farthest target point from the DPRK.

According to these smart gentlemen Russia had this system to Korea. “Putin” gave it.  “He” (the Fourth Reich’s propagandist scum like to identify Russia with Putin, with preposterously hateful phrases like “Putin’s army), so “he” didn’t give it to far more stable China but to Korea (I assume with the tacit approval of the Chinese).

We do not know the details, but if this is so, then the transfer of these missile systems, mobile, compact, solid fuel powered, will radically change the situation in the world. It changes the rules of the game so much that the US/neocons prefer to ignore it. This news is not entirely new, you can easily look up what kind of complex it is, what it is behind it, how’s it is called, and so on. The news is that they began to talk about the system, though, embarrassed, they keep it to the margins of any public discussion.

Why is it so important?

Why does neocon American and transatlantic lowlife continue to kill both the military personnel and civilians in the territory of Russia Minor (Little Russia, also known as the Ukraine) that they occupy by means of a coup-installed puppet regime in Kiev, that is presided over by a Zionist to boot, and why did it they flood it with NATO weapons? Because the United States and its vassals supply Ukraine Nazis (again, and that’s the key to whole issue, under Jewish leadership and governorship) with weapons, ammunition, as well as with money. The Ukraine (with a definite article) is bankrupt, and the Fourth Reich pays all of its bills.  Buy why do they do this? It is clear that “they” (the political Judaism/neocons, the USA, their vassals in Europe, as well as the “limitrophe states”, ethnocracies which created on Russia’s borders in the course of the 20th century) are our enemy (and they also happen to be the enemy of mankind but that’s a different story). They want to destroy Russia and the Russian people, and that they have stated many times, already publicly.  Fine, but why didn’t they do this before, at least not in the last decades? After all, everyone understands that Ukraine is not Iraq or Libya (look where Iraq and Lybia on the map and where is the United States), but a historical part of Russia. I guess everyone understands that there is open aggression by the United States, international political Judaism (Bolsheviks, Trotskyists and the neocons who are now ruling America are one and the same company) and embittered limittrophe statelets against Russia? Well, why but did they sit fairly quietly before? Because they were afraid. Fear is the principal factor that motivates these animals, but the second factor, the one that overcame their fear, is the sense of impunity. For the United States and international political Judaism (neocons), the war in the Ukraine does not cost anything, because subhumans die, while the neocons through defense contractors actually make money on the carnage. True they steal the money from American taxpayers but American taxpayers are an ignorant lot. They do not connect the dots that the high infant mortality in the US (worse than Cuba’s), pothole covered roads and abysmal poverty of tens of millions, lack of affordable never mind free care and student loan slavery are related to the Zionist-run Kiev regime, the war in (the) Ukraine and the ongoing, US funded and administered genocide in Gaza.

For all the other participants in the conflict –  Finland, Lithuania, other limitrophe statelets, the UK, South Korea (which has supplied more shells to Ukraine than all other “sponsors” combined — that’s amazing, because it was South Korea, and not Japan, that turned out to be the most vicious, uncompromising and rabid enemy of Russia, and I really hope that South Korean puppet state will pay for its numerous crimes), the war was a joke.  They, the US, neocons and American vassal had broken every single international law, in fact they declared war on Russia by introducing sanctions, because sanctions and asset freezes always amounted to declaration of war.  But Russia, amazingly, astonishingly, Russia has not responded in any kind. I don’t like that because lack of a robust response endows the Bad Guys with the unjustified feel of impunity, and that it turns led to a rise in astonishing insolence, breathtaking effrontery, especially on the part of the German scum (which apparently has all these years nourished its bitter grudges born out of innumerable defeats, and which, astonishingly, has learned from history).

When one looks at the relations between the United States and Korea (I mean the free Korea, the Democratic People’s Republic, not the American puppet statelet in the southern half of the peninsula), then one cannot fail to observe the rising pitch of arrogance on the part of the United States and its managers, the neocons. They even stated that in case of war, if the peninsula’s malignant puppet entity, the so-called Republic of Korea, gets destroyed by conventional arms, as it inevitably will, they would use nuclear weapons against Democratic Korea either upon the death of their puppet or as a measure to prevent the puppet’s liquidation. Well, now, we know, that they won’t. Since neocons are not going to sacrifice their own kin, that is kill tens of millions of Jews and the entire Jewish oligarchy in the USA or cities like Washington, New York and San Francisco, just because of an internal Korean skirmish. Therefore, any war between the Democratic Korea in the North and the malignant American puppet statelet in the South will be a conventional war, since the United States will no longer have a monopoly on nuclear weapons in the theater. Yes, Democratic Korea already has had acquired nuclear weapons on its own (I believe we can still give them whatever they want), but Koreans not have the effective means of delivering the goodies to their actual recipient, the enemy of the human race behind the ocean. Now the situation has changed. Because, obviously, the US could and would use nuclear weapons on Korea, North, South, both. They don’t care about gooks. But they won’t do that if the factor of impunity will be gone, and it is gone, and if the chance appears of them being chastised at their own home become less chancy.  And so, for the first time, we face at least a theoretical possibility of getting Korea and its people unified in one indivisible democratic state, and destroying America’s sordid, criminal protectorate in the South in the process for good.

Of course, the Korea’s nuclear weapons and means of their delivery are not intended for actual use either against South Korea or its owner and master, the United States, but they will prevent the enemy from launching a nuclear strike on Korea. Therefore, the news about the new missile system is extremely positive.

As a side note. It would of course be great if Iran got the same complex, both the nuclear warheads and system of their delivery to targets in the United States. Iran has a rational, democratic, though also theocratic, political system. It has never committed acts of genocide and has maintained an exceptionally good human rights record, especially if one compares it to those of the US, Israel, and its most vicious puppets.  Nuclear weapons and means of their delivery in Iran’s arsenal would prevent the bad guys, the enemy of mankind, from having wrong thoughts, from acting naughty, and doing things they shouldn’t. Iran is the country that absolutely needs a credible nuclear deterrent.

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