NATO attack on a Russian warship

NATO’s unprovoked attack on a Russian warship

A reconnaissance ship of the Russian navy has been attacked yesterday in the Black Sea.

The attack was spectacularly repulsed, and no one was injured (at least among the good guys, that is on the Russian side). A Russian analyst (machine translation below) writes that the attack has been carried out by NATO, not the Ukraine, as was reported, and that the enemy used Romania or the Bulgarian coast for staging the attack, that this act of aggression has been coordinated with Turkey which supplied the intelligence, and that the ship had been attacked in the waters declared demilitarized where its safety has been guaranteed under the terms of the so-called Grain Deal.

Here is some of the footage posted on YouTube:

What is obvious? The deal is disadvantageous to Russia. It gains nothing, gets no benefits but the enemy is allowed to supply commodities to the world market and receive weapons and supplies via sea routes. There are no logical motives why Putin and the camarilla behind him would consent to something so harmful to Russia and then extend the geographical scope of the outrage, then expand it, and then renew it again. The only logical explanation behind this “deal”, as it has been the case throughout this inexplicable “conflict, are the interests of oligarchs, mainly Jewish, and the private financial interests of a small group of individuals behind Putin (he is apparently powerless and doesn’t make decisions on his own). We may not even know for the foreseeable future because those in charge prefer to conceal what’s happening, and we don’t even know who is in charge while the atmosphere is getting more and more charged.

The last question that looms large is why this is being allowed to happen. Russian nuclear capability is sufficient to annihilate the United States forces in Europe and eliminate all its key vassals and puppets ability to wage war or even continue to exist, and so do with total impunity since the US will not exchange American cities, not even New York with the world’s largest Jewish population, for a barge-full of rotten grain or a pigsty in Poland.



Below is a translation of an opinion piece by a Russian navy blogger, this man is both reputable and knowledgeable.

Regarding the attack on the reconnaissance ship of the Black Sea Fleet “Ivan Khurs”

On the face of a clearly planned ambush by NATO forces. With a high probability, it can be argued that the intelligence data regarding the time of the passage of the ship was kindly provided by the Turkish side, because the requests for passage and the schedule for the passage of the ship through the Bosphorus are submitted to the Turks in advance, and only they could give the exact time when the ship will leave the strait. By this time, drones were waiting “on the road” (yes, yes, they are also in the sea). This version is supported by the fact that drones cannot kept in attack position for long time (in the case for days) at sea. If we assume that the cruising range of the drones is not so great, then the attack could well have been carried out either from the coast of Bulgaria / Romania, or from a ship that was at that time quite peaceful at first glance (404 does not have ships) or landed from an airborne carrier. Additional intelligence for the ambush could be furnished by both the Turks from the coast and the American scum from the air.

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