More fake news on the collective Fourth Reich’s fake news mill


In this conflict, a war of aggression against Russia that was ignited by the US (the neocon gang that usurped the government of the US) with the help of its NATO vassals, the ends justify the means attitude is astonishing, the intensity of the defamation and hatred is unprecedented, and the volume of exaggerations and outright fakes churned out by the enemy is quite breathtaking. I can’t think of no other conflict in history where the bad guys (the US and its vassals) went to hysterical from the go-on.

Typical Ukie/Fourth Reich propaganda – a fake that is not simply a humble fake but a poorly made one. In a few hours, the mouthpieces of the transatlantic Fourth Reich’s propaganda from Yahoo to the Völkischer Beobachter (The Washington Post) will pick up this piece of fresh “news”, and then report it all over the place.

This time the Ukraine downed a SU-35 fighter. Both pilots failed to eject and were killed.

Never mind that this event never took place… but also that SU-35 is a single-seat aircraft.

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