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While this Monday and Tuesday after Thanksgiving were almost a lost cause (the emails…endless, accumulated emails) we can sincerely say that the SE team is finally back in the groove this week to bring you more recipes and reviews and all things food-related. We’ve still got a month left in the year, people! And we’re intent on finishing it off with a bang. In this week’s Mise en Place, you’ll find a special Serious Eats Wrapped, lots of math surrounding our upcoming Thai recipes, and so much commerce content that you won’t be able to contain your excitement about it. Dive in! 

Serious Eats Wrapped

Top artist, number of minutes listened, yada yada yada—sure, we love sharing our Spotify Wrapped (probably more than we love seeing everyone else’s). But today we see your Spotify wrapped and we raise you our Serious Eats Wrapped: an overview of all the fun and words and reviews that made up our website this year. Is any of it surprising? Not one bit. Is it all fun to see? Absolutely! Some notable stats include a word count of 6,003 from Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm on food subscription boxes and a whopping 101 pizzas made by our commerce team this year to test gear. Can we top these stats next year? Only time will tell! 

We haven’t called it a wrap on the year just yet, so stay tuned for more exciting recipes, reviews, and roundups throughout December!

It’s High Time for Some New Thai Recipes

If you’ve loved the Thai recipes on our site from contributors Derek Lucci and Pailin Chongchitnant, then you’re in luck! The two are back for another round. This past week, Amanda and Daniel hit the studio with Derek and shot five Thai noodle recipes over the course of two days. The math was indeed mathing, with Daniel and Derek doing so much math to make sure the recipes came out flawless.The three studio-goers also consumed 10 bowls of soup (three a piece for Derek and Amanda; a whopping four for Daniel!!) on Tuesday alone. Goals? Goals! 

A behind-the-scenes look from our shoot day last this Tuesday. Check the site next week to find out what thai noodle soup we were shooting here!Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

These Thai recipes are dropping next week, along with a guide to Thai noodle soups from Pai. They are arguably essential dishes to add to your “How to Defeat the Doom and Gloom of Winter” kitchen kit.

What’s Your Flavor? Tell Me What’s Your Flavor!

Do you have a favorite hot sauce? Because you’d better believe that the SE team does.(We’ve got lots of opinions on just about everything, if you haven’t picked up on yet.) We are hot sauce people through and through. Grace collected some thoughts on staff favorite hot sauces, and while a few of the classics like Cholula and Frank’s Red Hot made the list, there are plenty more that might just become a new discovery (and a new favorite!) for you. Keep an eye out for that roundup next week and get the wings ready! 

There’s more commerce content where that came from! Let it be known that Grace made an ungodly amount of flan for a review of casserole dishes, and she somehow did not get sick of it. What a flan queen! The review will be up next week, along with guides to the best programmable coffee makers, electric pasta machines, coffee percolators, and even a review of a dough sheeter. In the meantime, check out this week’s roundup of the best pasta drying racks. Mamma mia!

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