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It’s the week of Thanksgiving. You’re missing deadlines and procuring last-minute ingredients, and there’s a gentle frenzy behind every coordinating text being sent. If this is you, then just know that the Serious Eats team is right there with you, running around with family and friends and plenty of good food in the works. (If you still need some ideas for what to make, we obviously have you covered, here, here and here, but please hurry!! Because now your stress is our stress and no one needs more stress). This week’s Mise en Place is short and sweet—because we’re more than ready for Thursday—and hopefully comforting, because we’re all in it together!


Last week on Mise en Place, we gave you the play-by-play of what each of our Thursday tablescapes will look like. This week, we’re focusing on the liquid courage getting us through these ten-step recipes and awkward pauses at the dinner table. Check out what everyone on the team will be filling their glasses with below. (And, btw, I don’t really want to admit it as earnestness pains me, but I will mention that I am—we all are—appreciative for yet another year of the Serious Eats fandom. You guys are wild, but, ya know, you’re also great. Cheers!)

“Big-batch NOLA-origin cocktails. Probably sazarac, maaaaaybe hurricane—and no, I have not yet figured out how to batch the recipes yet…maybe I’ll slack our friends at Liquor.” —Daniel Gritzer, senior culinary director

“My batch whiskey sour is infamous (let’s just say everyone was feeling, erm, lots of things the day after my backyard wedding last year) so of course I’ll be making that, but also this low ABV recipe that I can’t get enough of, which is basically a sherry- and amaro-based cocktail with cider, lime juice, and pear shrub. It’s so good!”—Grace Kelly, associate commerce editor

“This Nero d’Avola from Martha Stoumen.” —Jesse Raub, commerce writer 

“WINE. Lots of it.” —Riddley Gemperlein-Schirm, senior commerce editor

“My mother makes a fabulous porto tonico. I have big plans to sip one on a quiet beach stroll. People usually think of it as a summer cocktail, but with fresh orange and fresh sage, oh-my-festive-holiday-goodness!” —Leah Colins, senior culinary editor

“Lots of Martinelli’s sparkling apple cider for my Muslim family!! Halal wine, as we like to call it.” —Yasmine Maggio, associate editor

Black Friday + Small Business Saturday + Cyber Monday = Deals, Deals, Deals

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The all-star Serious Eats Commerce Team is taking over the weekend social shift and will have all of your online shopping needs covered for the marathon that is post-turkey online purchasing. Be sure to keep an eye on our Instagram stories all Friday, Saturday, and Monday for the best hand-picked deals to fully deck out your kitchen.  

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