Medvedev’s Unspeakable Folly (Part One)

Medvedev’s Unspeakable Folly (Part One, Commentary)

The Russian Federation’s former president Dmitri Medvedev has stated that the threshold for a preemptive nuclear strike will be the delivery of nuclear armaments components or nuclear munitions to the Ukraine.

This is laughable. The initial threshold has been crossed many times over. The real threshold is any involvement by NATO, that is literally any, even supply of a single rifle cartridge qualifies, nay a firecracker, as involvement, and this criterion has been in place from the day President Putin declared this Special Military Operation.

In fact, Putin has warned the foe, he’s made a warning that the civilizational enemy has listened to, got scared, then poked here and there a little, saw no reaction, then got courage, and proceeded to get bolder and bolder. Supply of weaponry to the Ukraine, that is direct involvement of NATO, has been an increasing, accelerating expanding affair. First, some statelets were even reluctant to supply helmets to the Kiev regime. Now, they are talking about fighter jets. The cause of this bravery on the part of the Fourth Reich is the unprecedented timidity exhibited by the camarilla that runs the Russian Federation.

It is evident that the camarilla minds its own, as well as greater oligarchic and corrupt Nomenklatura interests. Commencing with the first weeks of the conflict, when it became apparent that the coup plan flopped, the camarilla tried to make peace (as evidenced by what Belarussian tyrant Lukashenko said recently). This shyness and desire to freeze the conflict led to its expansion, as the enemy saw that the tiger is made of paper and then smelled blood. As was predicted by people as insignificant as myself or as significant and clever as Igor Strelkov, who is not just a hero and human rights activist, but a brilliant thinker and analyst, the consolatory mood and all attempts at scaling down the conflict into which Russia was brazenly cornered, would only lead to more bloodshed.

The way I see it, Medvedev has now literally invited the enemy to supply any kind of weaponry to the Ukraine. He has eliminated all taboos and got rid of all thresholds. Why did he do so is beyond me. Many people in Russia dismiss him as a fool or see him as Zhirinovski’s replacement (Zhirinovski was a late Jewish provocateur employed by the camarilla as a caricature of an ultra-nationalist figure).

In this menagerie, Medvedev is not an independent figure, and neither of course is Putin, and no, Putin is not a dictator (I’ve addressed that subject in a different article). Medvedev says things that the camarilla wants him to say (it doesn’t work the other way, as the last year and a half has shown, this is a giant simulacrum) and, if you try to comprehend what he meant, then he pretty much said that Russia will not respond to the aggression.

His speech is by no means belligerent, but another veiled attempt at “de-escalation” when a response in force is long overdue.

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