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Outdoor pizza ovens have opened up a new world of pizza possibilities for your home, letting users finally cook with 900ºF temperatures like a wood-fired oven and achieve the leopard-spotted and nicely puffed crust of their favorite pizza joint. But not all pizzas want to cook that hot—while the Gozney Roccbox certainly can hit impressive temps with gas, coal or wood, its gas burner is also adjustable, allowing you to char vegetables, bake New York-style pizzas, or roast whole spatchcocked chickens. And, right now, the Gozney’s $100 off for Prime Day.

Serious Eats / J. Kenji López-Alt

Why It Won Our Review

When Kenji tested pizza ovens in 2017, it was clear that the Gozney Roccbox stood out from the pack. First, the Roccbox can use three different fuel sources with two different burners—wood, coal, and gas—and each one was able to fuel ultra-high Neapolitan pizza temperatures (over 900ºF) for extended periods. The body of the oven has considerable insulation in its dome to keep temperatures consistent, cooking pizzas in under 90 seconds. Its dome design directs the flame up and over your pizzas towards the opening, ensuring that the tops of pies cook in time, too. But you can do more than just quick-fired pies: the gas burner is adjustable, allowing you to lower the temp to 600ºF for New York-style pizzas or 450ºF to roast a whole spatchcocked chicken in a cast iron skillet. The Roccbox is one of our pricier recommendations, too, so this sale is not to be missed. 

Good to Know:

Weight: 45 poundsFuel type: Gas, hardwood kindling, or charcoal briquettesMax floor temp: Over 900°F (480°C)Max air temp: Over 900°F (480°C)Preheat time: 30 minutes


Is the Roccbox worth it? 

The Gozney Roccbox is an excellent outdoor pizza oven that can high blistering temperatures and also has an adjustable gas burner for New York-style pizza or roasting other foods. It also comes with a high-end perforated peel, so while it’s a pricier outdoor pizza oven, we think it offers excellent value—even more when it’s on sale. 

How big of a pizza can the Roccbox bake? 

The Roccbox has a 12-inch opening and a 12-inch pizza stone, so the largest pizza you can comfortably cook is 11 inches. Anything bigger, and you risk the dough touching the sides of the oven, making it difficult to turn or remove when it’s finished cooking. 

Do Gozneys ever go on sale?

The Gozney Roccbox does go on sale occasionally, and right now for Prime Day it’s currently 20% off. Because the Roccbox doesn’t go on sale very often, we recommend taking advantage when it does.

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