It’s not hilarious, it makes sense


It’s not a hate crime. It’s an obvious solution to the problem.

Putin and Russian camarilla are natural allies of the US and old Europe.  Neocons regard Russia as their enemy. Neocons are a Jewish movement with its roots in Trotskyism and early Bolshevism and its origins in Central Europe and the region behind the Pale of Settlement. Neolibs are their allies. Both are sworn enemies of America and of Christendom.  When they usurped power in Russia through a coup in the late 1917 and then imposed a rule of terror on the victim country, they wanted to use Russia as a battering ram against the rest of civilization, as an instrument to project world revolution. The US, unawares, is now in the same position of a captive nation whose remaining power the enemy from within wants to use for advancing its criminal international agenda.

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