In any conflict, warfare happens on multiple fronts and includes military, economic, diplomatic and information actions. Too much attention is given to the military effort. Real action takes place in the Information campaign and we have to learn to recognize when we are being challenged in this area. Another shot just went across our bow when the meeting of Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) issued their report about “Islamophobia” and the growing threat against Muslims.

The OIC is comprised of 57 countries and one of their goals is improve the plight of the Muslim peoples and empower them.

One of the first things that we must realize in the West, is that we are at war with individuals, groups and countries that want to see our way of life disappear. Unfortunately, we have failed to realize the threat due to our internal political fighting, the lure of the dollar, our ignorance on the nature of the threat and the culpability of our media. Meanwhile, the terrorists gathers strength in our divide, exploits our open societies, mires our legal systems with cries of discrimination and bigotry, and offers religious “talking heads” who talk about moderation in western media outlets while publishing books and articles in their native language calling for our destruction and annihilation.

In 1997 the Runnymede Trust Commission on British Muslims and Islamophobia defined islamophobia as “unfounded hostility towards Islam, and therefore fear or dislike of all or most Muslims.” These words have now been exaggerated to the point where the terms used to describe jihadi activity are themselves politically incorrect.

Here are some highlights from the OIC report showing their “unbiased” perception about the world:

Muslim Opinion on the Struggle Between Modernizers and Islamic Fundamentalists, the Mulims that feel there is no struggle – Jordan 69%; Egypt 60%; Turkey 23%; Indonesia 40%; and Pakistan* 14%. *In Pakistan a high percentage did not respond.

Muslims feel that linking terrorism to Muslims will make Muslims more radical. What? Radical Muslims attacked America on 9/11 and took 3000 innocent lives. Al Qa’ida has claimed this attack, even though a majority of Muslims (although U.S. officials say all 19 of the Sept. 11 hijackers were Arab men, only 18% of those polled in six Islamic countries say they believe Arabs carried out the attacks; 61% say Arabs were not responsible; and 21% say they don’t know) say that no Muslims were involved in 9/11. A fact is still a fact even if you ignore it. Islamophobia is not something that is being perpetrated in the West, it is a result of Islam and its religious leaders allowing the hijacking of their religion.

These are the results of an interesting poll which show that Muslims belief in news reports that Arabs carried out Sept. 11 attacks are Not True – Lebanon 58%; Turkey 43%; Kuwait 89%; Indonesia 74%; Iran 59%; and Pakistan 86%. Results of a 2002 Gallup Poll.

The work that the OIC and others do now, will not stop the fear that is being spread in the West. That fear is not one that is not founded in the fact of the many terrorist who now claim to be working to benefit Muslims and to be working on the establishment of the Caliphate, the Islamic religious rule of lands. The fear is generated by terrorists who operate freely in their countries and who are funded by their money. Those countries were only too happy to feed this message of the West as being the enemy as long as the radicals concentrated on the far enemy. Unfortunately, for the countries that supported these groups, they examined those governments and leaders and found them to be takfir (Muslims who are ex-communicated).

The OIC mimics the terrorist mind-set when they look to lay blame on others when the Muslims have have allowed the fear to be created by members of the Islamic religion. The fear comes from the people that the Muslims allowed to flourish. Where do these Muslim/Islamic deviant terrorists come from? The answer is not the West by countries like SA (bin Laden), Egypt (Zawahiri) and Jordan (Zarqawi) to name a few of their terrorists and their land of origin. The countries of the Middle East now face terrorist problems in their own countries as Al-Qa’ida find their overseas operations hindered and turn their focus back to the near enemy (local governments/rulers). The countries that belong to the OIC need to examine the root causes of this fear and find that the radicals are the real threat and not the West. This type of finger pointing will not solve the problem and clouds the issue.

If Islam treats the cause of the fear as an internal originating problem, this will finally prove to the West that the Islamic leaders are serious about getting rid of the threat. Have Iran hand over the senior Al- Qa’ida leadership that they have under house arrest to the world court. Have Saudi Arabia, Egypt and others review their school curriculum removing the inflammatory passages which vilify the West, Christians and the Jewish faith. Have the OIC pass a ban against the “hate speech” that fills their airwaves and newspapers aimed at everything connected to the western civilization. Lift the filters and censorship that happens in Muslim countries in order to facilitate a dialog among all the people and not just the politicians.

These are the steps that need to be taken to make real progress against the perception the world when it comes to Muslims. Do not lay these problems at the feet of the West, when the problem comes from within. Being a victim and blaming others for a situation is the easiest route when confronting a problem because it excuses one from responsibility. Taking a hard, long look at reality of the situation by finding the root causes.Fixing those mistakes are the path to changing not only one’s self, but the world. We must take this threat seriously, while our civilizations still stand.

Source by Norman Lihou

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