Is Putin a Dictator?


Is Putin a dictator? No, Vladimir Putin is by no means a dictator. He is a soft meek man who is being kept as an event announcer and a dispassionate arbiter by the camarilla that runs the grotesquely misnamed Russian Federation.

Putin is also the most Ukraine-friendly “ruler” Russia can have. After all, the Ukraine is a part of Russia. He is a known khokhol-phile. Putin may feel disappointed by what he – and I – see as a civilizational betrayal by Germany and France. Maybe his sense of betrayal is even more intense in the case of Germany since he, like me, speaks German and has personal bonds in that country. But, he and the camarilla behind him must have underestimated how strongly the transatlantic Fourth Reich controls the subjugated Europe and the US. Or how short and tight is the leash on which the Neocon and Neoliberal Empire keeps the media and the politicians. This Empire is primarily Jewish at the top, with its roots in Central Europe and from behind the pale of settlement. Late Madeleine Albright (her real name, I believe, is Korbelova), Soros (Schwarz), Nuland, Kagan, Blinken (his name translates as a Little Pancake Man from Russian), and Zelensky are all related, literally. Just take a pause and think about it.

Outside of Eastern and Central Europe, where statelets, from Estonia to Slovakia, are merely artificial ethnofascist satrapies of the transatlantic Empire, the origins of the Neoliberal and Neocon octopus that has captured the collective West and strangled all dissent and political liberties are the same as those of the Bolsheviks who had enslaved Russia in 1917. Since the descendants of those Bolsheviks still run Russia and since they, as Soviet Nomenklatura, had privatized Russia’s assets within the borders of the RSFSR, it is astonishing that both parts of the same malignant organism, the one that runs the US and its docile minions on one hand, and Russia on the other, could not get along and just work something out among themselves. After all, these are the same people. Or relatives.

And, of course, they know that Putin is the most pro-Western and the most liberal “ruler” Russia can have. By liberal I mean not worshipping liberty but being obedient to the diktat of the transatlantic neocon and neolib octopus.

Putin keeps Russia constrained, compliant, and obedient. Russian nomenklatura’s aspiration is not global conquest or grandeur but its personal consumption and an opportunity to pass the levels of unjustifiably extraordinary consumption to their offspring. They worship goodies, not ideas. Even in the imaginary case when the legitimate monarchy is restored in Russia, with a dynasty on the throne recognized by other European monarchies, with a free parliament, and free elections, a genuine liberal system in place, the only outcome of this hypothetical though tectonic transformation could be the utter destruction of the Ukraine and its wholesale incorporation into Russia as well as the elimination of the ethno-Nazi satrapies in the Baltics, expulsion of NATO and then a massive blow to the Neocon operations throughout the world. That will happen for the simple reason that such an arrangement will be anti-Bolshevik and anti-Communist in its nature, and as such it will seek to redress the injustices of the Bolshevik system, such as the dismemberment of Russia. A system like that will strive to unify the country in its natural borders of 1913. But even, let’s imagine, if the perfectly opposite regime comes to power, say Stalinist and Communist, then the outcome will still be pretty much the same though perhaps the end of American Neocon clients on the Continent will be more brutish and grizzly.

A meek, shy, squeamish, vegetarian, and thoroughly corrupt Putinist system, the one that is run by clandestine clans and private interests, most of them to a great extent Jewish, a system that keeps a lid on things and is afraid of its own shadow, is absolutely the best arrangement the so-called West can hope for. They must pray for Putin’s health and supply weapons to the Russian Federation because if this system is somehow undermined, then whatever comes to replace it will mean brutal and speedy destruction of the transatlantic Fourth Reich’s client statelets, and may even mean the end of the Fourth Reich itself, that is its complete dismantlement and annihilation from the outside or inside, together with its malignant Neocon-Zionist substructure, its bureaucracies, organizations, both secret and public, — the works.

Why would they desire to bring this sort of destruction upon themselves is beyond me.

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