Happy New Year


Although this postcard was printed in 1914, the events of that year are still with us. The world war is not yet over. We are now approaching its third phase. There were only two long breaks between the first two stages of that war. The first stage of the war led to the seizure of power by the Bolsheviks in Russia, the establishment of an externally financed and controlled Communist dictatorship, the division of Russian lands into Soviet ethnostates, national republics of the USSR, artificial formations that had no historical basis or justificastion for existence outside of the Bolshevik Communist project.

On December 25, 1991, the red Communist rag was taken down from the Kremlin and on the same flagstaff, the sacred flag of Russia, at least for us, Russians, one of the oldest flags in Europe was raised over the Kremlin’s Senate Palace. That was precisely the same place and the same flag that it flew before the power in the country was seized in Bolshevik takeover, between late 1917 and 1924, by the kinsmen of Zelensky, Abramovich, Soros, Nuland and Blinken. The flag event, joyful and full of heady historical justice,  laden with symbolism, was not followed by the restoration of the Russian state. But the seeds of that restoration were sown. In 2014, Crimea came home to Russia, and a very slow process of the 20th century Evil’s rollback has commenced. In 2022, thanks to Putin (although maybe he didn’t really intend it and just swallowed the neocons’ bait, but we must be grateful to him away) the Special Military Operation began. It is an attempt to reverse the tragic events of the 20th century, and for us it also signifies a revival of Russia, the destruction of artificial ethnofascist satrapies, be it Ukraine or Estonia, and the restoration of the Russian state within its natural borders, the sacred borders of 1914.

If you are not an enemy of Russia and mankind, a Communist, a neo-Bolshevik, a political Ukrainian, or a Zionist, then let me wish you healthy, happy, security, successful New Year. If you are an enemy of Russia and mankind, a Communist, a neo-Bolshevik, a political Ukrainian, a NATO fan, a neoliberal, neocon or a Zionist, then I wish precisely the opposite.

We are at a very important historical crossroads; this may be standing at the most important juncture in 100 years. And we are also at the beginning of a journey and a long overdue campaign of liberation.

2024 will be a turbulent year, have no doubt about it, but it may also be a happy year.

So,  A Happy New Year.


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