Today’s many young men and women have artistic talents and they are very enthusiastic to get into the glamorous world of cinema.

An accurate horoscope is an indication of artistic ability of the native. Science of astrology may help one to predict, if a person can come up in the film line and make it as his or her career successfully.

Factors responsible for artistic abilities of the native:

· Ascendant: General mental and physical abilities, personal appearance, primary indicator of beauty, body build

· 2nd house:

ability to earn money, material possessions,speech and communication skills of native, throat, wealth, beauty of face and skin, memory, opinions

· 10th house: profession,motivation, reputation, ambitions

· 11th house: profit, income,originality, friend circle

· Venus: significator of pleasure and entertainment, beauty, comforts, luxurious-lifestyle, attitude towards money,

· Mercury: lord of intelligence, dialogue delivery, communication skills, direction, film journalism

· Moon: emotions, will power, mental inclination

· Sun: gives dignity and respect in profession, fame, mass media,

· Mars: courage, action, stunts, martial arts expert,

Different combinations to get popularity and achievements in film career:

· Venus is a very important planet in the film career.If this planet is in its own house, in exaltation, or having good directional strength, indicates the artistic ability of the native.

-Venus owns Taurus and Libra

-Venus is exalted in Pisces

-Venus has good direction strength in the 4th house.

· Assimilation or co-ordination of Venus and Mercury will make a man/woman a reputed film star.

· Influence of Moon and Venus on 2nd house indicate unusual attractive voice of the reputed stars.

· If ascendant /Moon sign is also the sign of Venus [Taurus, Libra], and if Venus is strong, is a good combination for acting skills.

· Strong Mars [in fire /air/own/exaltation sign] keeps the body trim and active and contribute to a person’s beauty or level of physical attraction.

· Rahu should be in trine

· Rahu combined with Jupiter/Venus.

· Gaj-kesari yoga should be present for mass support.

-Moon is aspected /associated with Jupiter.

-Jupiter is in quadrant from Moon.

Source by Geeta Jha

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