Tucked away in the Karnataka Government Museum down Kasturba Road lies what can be best described as Bangalore’s tribute to the artistic spirits of Karnataka. Housing some of the state’s most illustrious works of art the Venkatappa Art Gallery is a treasure trove for art enthusiasts from near and far. Exhibiting nearly 600 paintings throughout the calendar year the gallery cum museum serves as a potent testament of the southern state’s artistic heritage and legacy.

Spread out over the three floors the gallery’s permanent exhibits are of course those of its namesake famed Mysore painter K. Venkatappa. Having been born to a family of court artists in 1887 the great painter’s artistic evolution is explored extensively within the venue which has been dedicated to preserving and exhibiting his work. The first floor of the gallery features famed works by Venkatappa such as the Nilgiri Mountains, view from Church Hill in Ooty, Sunrise in Ooty, view of the Ooty Lake and Kodaikanal while paintings depicting the Monsoon and other captivating sketches completed by the artist are also displayed here.

The second floor of the Venkatappa Art Gallery focuses on the works of other fine artists such as Yusuf Arakkal, Hanumaiah, N. S. Bendre and M. F. Hussain. Works of Rekha Rao, Hariram and Vasudev also take pride of place within this floor while a portion of the display space is devoted to the wood carving masterpieces belonging to reputed artist C. P. Rajaram. Visitors can get a firsthand look at Rajaram’s intricate and elaborate carvings in this section as well as imagining the care with which he manipulated the wood to create such detailed pieces.

The third floor of the gallery on the other hand deals with the creative portfolio of the well-known Indian artist K.K Hebbar. Aptly named The “Hebbar Section”, this particular quarter of the gallery features some of the artist’s most captivating works including those that deal with the earth’s main elements of water, fire, air and land. Titled Prithivi, Vayu, Jala and Agni other works on display include Death, Sea Shore, Last Glimpse, In Space and Nagamandala. The third floor also displays a number of engaging sketches by the artist titled Mother, Japan and Bali Village.

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Source by Pushpitha Wijesinghe

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