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We’ve made it to the best Monday of the year. If you didn’t already find the deals you were looking for on Black Friday (or, like us, spent the day sleeping off a food hangover), you’ll be happy to know that the internet is brimming with discounts today for Cyber Monday. There are millions of options to choose from, but one way to narrow things down is by looking for the kitchen tools, cookware, and appliances we’ve tested and love. So, to help you choose which deals are worth the spend, we pared it down to 10 tested items that have won our reviews and become editor favorites. Right now, you can get our top ice cream maker, indoor herb growing kit, Dutch oven, and more for up to 43% off.

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker Machine


A longtime Serious Eats favorite, this ice cream machine from Cuisinart offers an incredible bang for your buck and aced all of our tests. As we wrote in our review, this unassuming machine “really earned its place as our favorite throughout all the testing.” It’s relatively lightweight and features a coolant-lined canister that freezes ahead of time to properly cool the ice cream as it churns. It makes creamy, smooth ice cream and sorbet at the touch of a button, and, right now, it’s just $50

Serious Eats / Eric Miller

Le Creuset 5.5-Quart Dutch Oven

Le Creuset

You know it, you love it, and if you don’t have one, you almost certainly want it. Le Creuset beat out 19 Dutch ovens to top our tests, impressing us with its durability, temperature retention, and heat distribution. Plus, you can’t beat the heritage brand’s iconic, well-crafted design. We love the 5.5-quart size for baking bread, braising briskets, and so much more. Right now, you can snag this kitchen essential for nearly $100 off. (Note: Only the Ganache and Meringue colors are discounted.)

Serious Eats / Will Dickey

OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


Senior culinary director Daniel Gritzer named this model the best coffee grinder for most people, and once you get your hands on your own, you’ll understand why. The design is intuitive, easy to use, and offers the opportunity to experiment with grind size. The price also can’t be beaten—especially now that it’s 32% off. As Daniel wrote, the OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder is “about as inexpensive as a burr grinder gets before the grind quality really starts to fall off.” 

Serious Eats / Russell Kilgore

AeroGarden Harvest Elite

Aero Garden

There’s nothing quite like cooking with fresh herbs you’ve grown yourself. If you, like some of our editors, don’t exactly have a green thumb, hydroponic indoor herb gardens offer a great alternative to classic planters. In fact, after testing eight of the top brands, our favorite from AeroGarden was nearly foolproof. Plus, even if you do experience any issues with your pre-seeded pods, the brand will send you a new one. You can snag yours now for 36% off.

Serious Eats / Irvin Lin

Made In Stainless Clad Saucier


Lightweight and well-made, this saucier from Made In conducts heat evenly and features a wide surface area that—as we said in our review—makes stirring “a dream.” It aced our tests and was overall a pleasure to cook with. Once you whip up your favorite gravy and risotto recipes in this stainless steel pot, it’ll surely become your new go-to. 

Serious Eats / Tim Chin

OXO Good Grips Thermocouple Thermometer


I’m consistently surprised by how often my kitchen thermometer comes in handy. It makes cooking large cuts of meat a breeze. But even when I’m not cooking turkey or steak, I pull it out to make perfectly baked cakes and bread or boiled and poached eggs. When we tested 18 different instant-read thermometers, this one from OXO showed impressive accuracy and was the easiest to read, even in dark oven lighting. 

Serious Eats / Irvin Lin

Solo Stove Bonfire 2.0 

Solo Stove

This metal tool makes it easy to have a fire anywhere. While it’s great for warming up next to on chilly nights, it also offers the opportunity to experiment with live-fire cooking. After testing out the Solo Stove, associate commerce editor Grace Kelly concluded that the appliance makes outdoor cooking even more fun and delicious “if you’re looking for something different (and want to impress your friends).” 

Serious Eats / Grace Kelly

All-Clad Stainless Steel Immersion Blender


Our favorite immersion blender is over 29% off right now. During multiple rounds of testing, this model from All-Clad impressed us with its speed and efficiency when pureeing soups and sauces. It features an ergonomic grip and simple dial that make it easy to use, and it produces results that will rival those of your countertop blender.

Serious Eats / Tamara Staples

Everdure Cube Portable Charcoal Grill


As we wrote in our review, “this is a portable grill you’ll actually want to use.” Its small size makes it easy to take on the go, and we couldn’t help but be charmed by its adorable appearance. It looks just like a typical drink cooler and comes in a variety of fun colors, and it performed surprisingly well—achieving perfect grill marks on burgers and brats. Its compact size is especially useful when cooking for smaller groups.

Serious Eats / Nick Simpson

Cuisinart GR-5B Electric Griddler Five


From melty sandwiches to grilled vegetables and burgers, panini presses are so versatile. This panini press from Cuisinart can open flat to use as an indoor grill and features removable grill plates that can be replaced with waffle plates for breakfast on demand. We named it the best mid-priced panini press, but now that it’s 27% off, it’s a steal ahead of the holidays.

Serious Eats / Ashlee Redger

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