President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky, though he is really Vladimir Zelensky, submitted to the Verkhovna Rada a bill on celebrating Christmas in the country according to the Western rite – December 25, and not January 7.

Here is the catch. Both the Eastern and Western churches celebrate Christmas on the same day (December 25). But they use different calendars. There are no separate Eastern or Western “rites” as far as the date is concerned. The Bolsheviks made the enslaved country convert to the Gregorian calendar. The Gregorian calendar, used in Roman Catholic countries since the late 16th century, is named after Pope Gregory XIII. The church, though persecuted by the Jewish Bolsheviks at the time, somehow managed to keep the much older Julian calendar.

Wait, guys. Hold your horses. Will Zelensky, a Jew, and behind him, standing in waiting, a retinue of Jews from the former Russian Empire, Nuland, Kogan, and Blinken, forcibly change the calendar of the Christian Church? It looks like it. This is the same calendar that was in use in the days of the Roman Empire. This calendar was used in the reign of Julius Caesar. The same calendar that was used during the life of Jesus and when the Jews sold him out and had committed, by proxy, his murder?

When Rus or old Russia was baptized, and the Judeo-Bolsheviks had not yet invented Ukraine, both the Western and Eastern churches used the same calendar that Zelensky the Jew now wants to abolish. Moreover, when Peter I traveled with the Great Embassy to Western Europe, only Catholic countries like France and Austria used the Gregorian calendar, while the Protestant states, for example, England, were still, like Russia, on the Julian calendar.

This is the most scandalous piece of news coming from the Ukraine so far. This stuff is dynamite. It has long become obvious that there is no conflict between Russia and Ukraine, after all (the) Ukraine is just a part of Russia, but this is an all-out war by Judea against Rus and Christendom. If you need more proof, here you’ve got it. A representative of an alien and hostile tribe (Jews represent merely 0.1% of the population of Russia, the figure compared to their numbers in the part of Russia that is called Ukraine) has the insolence to change the Christian calendar and determine on what day Christians will celebrate Christmas, the Nativity of Our Savior.

So far, a multiethnic and ballless, spineless camarilla holds power in the Russian Federation, and by virtue of its origins and its current status, the camarilla is unable to resist the external enemy. This is a civilizational enemy. And no, the enemy is not Anglo-Saxons. Zelensky, Khodorkovsky, Kolomoisky, Blinken (Blinkin), Nuland (Nudelman), and Kogan are not Anglo-Saxons. Not by any stretch of imagination. They are who are they – genetic enemies of Christ, the scourge of Christians, of both Orthodox and Roman Catholics. Of course, one can completely turn off the sense of reality and deny that a group that comes from 0.1% of the population also represents 100% of the enemy’s leadership. We can attempt to continue pretending that this is all a series of coincidences or play the game of keeping our collective head stuck deep in the sand while the Jews kick our collective ass, or, we can look at the numbers, read the stunningly scandalous news, and wake up.

We don’t need an Austrian artist to help us out. But we need to find our own artist, the one who’ll deal with this menace.

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