Well, sexual energy is the most powerful energy and impetus in the body and spirit. What I mean by the title is this: When you realize the productive use of sexual energy, magnetism and union, you realize the greatest success in the universe. I do not mean just the sex act, I mean in anything that is genuinely profitable and is good. Sure, I can mince words about the fact of sexual energy promoting so much more than just good feelings. But I will say this, sexual energy productively and profitably used is psychic, spiritual and ultimate physical productivity complete. If it was not, then, great art would be stopped in its tracks at computer like logic and standard production like a factory.

The best wine has the most individual, shall we say, “impurities,” aged enzymes and imperfections in it that makes it robust and wonderful, and sexual energies have the same qualities to them. Think deeply about this for a moment. The best ecstasies in life no matter what they are, have those artistic jagged edges to them in the sense of the use of sexual energy. I do not mean the act itself in this article, but I do definitely mean the use of that sort of energy for great achievements in life whatever field they may be in.

For example, people at the top of their game in their work or livelihood are using sexual energy in this way, where it may be at anywhere. So, I can honestly say one of the productive uses of sexual energy is artistic love or the ultimate in productive business, science and art in the totally originally compelling, yet deeply profitable and powerfully inventive sense. I once had a counselor of mine ask me what the nature of artistic love is and although the above definition is simple, that is how I would describe it in a nut shell, although there is more to it. I will explain that “more” in the paragraph below:

Artistic love is a spiritual dimension in itself, in that it is not only what I described above about productive business, science and art. But it is also this: Productive conscious transcendence in whatever form it may come when correctly used and destructive pornography when incorrectly used or misused. It is like I am saying the design of a great sculpture or the Empire State Building versus a cheap strip club or a current Playboy magazine issue with the latest “plastic looking blonde chick.” My point is no energy is bad, it is all neutral, it is in the way we genuinely use it or lose it.

So, I end with this paragraph: The person who can “change water into wine” in the sense of sexual energy has genuinely mastered themselves in the most genuine and productive sense. Transmutation all comes down to a choice, what choice you make is up to you. In this article, I have achieved the real and genuine goal of the alchemist, lead into gold, water into wine, nothing into something. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it.

Source by Joshua Clayton

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