People of nowadays have more alternatives in choosing the styles and designs of eyeglasses. For example, many people love to wear fashionable eyeglasses. Contrary to fashionable eye wear, there are other special groups- antique eyeglasses, with which some wearers are very crazy. This is because these eye wear can bring them a feeling of bygones and yesterdays.

Antique eyeglasses refer to eyewear made in past styles. Since the first eyeglasses made their appearance several centuries before, a lot of changes and innovations are scored in glasses industry. And some of them with particular designs have become classic styles and many people of nowadays still want to re-experience golden days with those glasses. Therefore, from the perspective of time, antique wear can be fallen into different lines if judged from different criteria. For example, if judged completely from century, there are antique glasses of different centuries, like antique eyeglass of the 12th century, 13th century, and till the 19th and 20th century. If judged from important events, there are also some very special antique eyeglasses, like enlightenment antique glasses, the first war antique glasses, the second war antique glasses, etc. However, there is one point to be noticed that there are only some limited styles and designs in US antique eyeglass, due to relatively shorter history- only those 18th, 19th and 20th century antique glasses are available with local designs.

Antique eye wear are very special and different from other eyeglasses in many respects. The earliest forms of those glasses are very simple- only one lenses with a hand or linked with a ribbon. And there are really now some antique glasses made from lenses and ribbons. Of course, with the development in glasses industry, glasses in relatively complicated designs come into being. Based on those designs, people can now get antique glasses of the following designs and styles. Some of them are made simply from metal, in full-rimmed frames, in round or oval shapes; some others are from mix-tinted plastic, which has similar color and features as those ancient materials, like horn rim; those antique glasses with typical styles of last century are seemed much classic. Of course, there are still some other patterns, such as those eyeglasses with both antique and contemporary elements.

The reasons why people love to wear glasses in ancient styles vary a lot. From on point that some people in nowadays have found their surroundings are full of similarity and this is unendurable. And antique styles might be much better alternatives for highlighting personality. Another point is some people think these elements appreciated by their ancestors are really very classic and artful, and it is needed to re-experience that period once more by wearing antique glasses. Anyway, no reason can be separately listed, they might be combined.

Ultimately, antique eyeglasses can not only give people the feeling of past, but also highlight their personal tastes.

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