Belogorod region attack

A few villages in Russia’s Belgorod region came under massive shelling of t American-proxy terrorist force or so called Armed Forces of Ukraine. Ukrainian channels report that a battle is going on there and even publish a video with a tank, which allegedly drove into the territory of the Russian border checkpoint.

According to the regional authorities, the shelling of the Graivoronsky rural district of the Belgorod region began at nine o’clock in the morning. In the area of ​​the village of Antonova, air defense went off, a section of a missile fell into someone’s vegetable garden A explosives handling team has been dispatched to the location. The village of Kozinka, of no value or interest save American Neocon propaganda, came under mortar fire: one shell hit a house and caused a fire, the second landed in a private backyard, and the third damaged a  fence. In addition, as a result of strikes in the village of Gora-Podil, a hay storage caught fire, in Graivoron NATO shells hit the territory of a motor transport company (fortunately without causing damage), and in the village of Zamostye the fence around a private house was also damaged.

According to officials, no one was hurt. At the same time, Telegram channels associated with the Wagner company publish videos with smoke after attacks on the Belgorod region. And Ukrainian Telegram channels have published a video with a tank that allegedly drove into the territory of the Graivoron checkpoint on the border with Russia, but there is no confirmation of this fact from the Russian authorities yet.

The head of the Belgorod region announced an “information attack” on the region.


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