Cold Feet and Warm Dogs

In an effort to keep their feet warm, men in colonial America developed the practice of bringing their dogs to local meeting houses and churches. They would put a blanket on their legs and their feet under or on top of the dog. Both man and dog were happy. One can only imagine the chaos […]

Antiques In the Attic: Identifying Chippendale Furniture

His Life Thomas Chippendale was born in 1718 Otley, Yorkshire England. He moved to London in 1740 to promote his business and had several partners throughout his career. The Earl of Burlington was one of the first influential persons to buy furniture from Chippendale. Chippendale was married two times and had 9 children with his […]

The Vintage Cloth Dolls Of Gre-Proir Inc

Established in 1927 in New York City, Eugenia Poir produced specialty cloth dolls under the direction of partner Alvin Grey. The company was also part of The French Dollmakers. The dolls were initially designed and produced in France and measure mostly within 16 to 23.5 inches tall. However, the company halted its operations in 1935. […]

How To Spot Fake Porcelain Signs

Collecting antique porcelain signs can be rewarding, profitable, and in some cases costly. While there are large collections which change hands from time to time, most signs are bought and sold through established and trusted networks of buyers, collectors and sellers. These folks know and trust each other as resources for product as we as […]

Selling Online? The True Definition of a Collectible

Established Collecting Patterns Seasoned antiques and collectibles dealers may find the concept to be ‘old hat,’ but the truth is, the more popular and desirable a thing is, the greater likelihood it will sell quickly. That truth is not always readily apparent to those who are new to this rather specialized sales arena, however. So […]

Electric Automobiles

Electric automobiles are vehicles that derive their power from electric motors. Many people may think that they are a fairly new invention, when actually, some of the earliest automobiles produced were already powered by electric motors that were fueled by batteries. However, due to the rapid development of internal combustion engines, electric vehicles were driven […]

Luxurious Indian Interiors and Furniture

Connecting to India’s culture and history, Indian interiors are centered around hand carved furniture, ornately carved doors with traditional motifs and richly embroidered textiles. Your gateway to the exotic world of color and old word charm, Indian antiques and art carry the energy of beautiful traditions encouraging prosperity and happiness. Intricately carved and handmade, authentic […]

Collecting Antiques – How To Identify Early American Teddy Bears

The production of American made teddy bears was a cottage industry response to the importation of bears made in Germany in the early 1900s. Working in their homes and small workshops in and around New York City, American seamstresses worked diligently to meet the public demands for teddy bears. It was estimated there were more […]

Furniture Restoration: Gilt, Ormolu And Painted

Gilding is the fixing of gold leaf to a prepared surface and rubbing it into place. Gold leaf will not tarnish: it lasts for years, giving a true gold look to any wood, metal or plaster base. The lavish and decadent lives of yester year found the need to have almost every piece of furniture […]