You’ll find a brief introduction to this domain in the About This Domain section.

For the time being I am using this as my blog on current affairs. I am also writing about the exceptionally reserved and fully justified, as well as a long overdue, Russian campaign to liberate Russia Minor, also known as the Ukraine, from the ethno-Nazis and the American (really neocon, neolib, and Zionist) yoke.

Because I live in Russia, I am also going to use this domain as a platform for publishing certain ideas about the past, the history, the present, and the future of Russia. I write about issues concerning society, political philosophy, and the economy.

Because the domain is wonderfully attractive just the way it is you can choose your section or make your blog here and write on a different subject. As long as you are not Russophobe, racist, Zionist, Satanist, or pro-NATO or EU, you can write on any subject whatsoever.

This could be subjects as disparate and unrelated as international news, politics of India or sports in Africa.