Singing is a creative & artistic pursuit. It requires lots of “out of the box” thinking & it requires a great deal of introspection thought out.

What does this mean? You will be seen as weird, strange & “out there” by others… And what can be quite frightening & scary for many singers is their way of living isn’t always secure & their career can have a serious downfall anytime.

This is true for pretty much all creative & artistic careers but this rule is VERY stiff when it comes to music, especially singers! The stakes of incredible amounts of fortune, fame, sponsorships, & success is great. Many opportunities & great doors can open up in many other areas of a singing career…. But at the SAME TIME… The stakes of incredible amounts of suffering, failure & desperation is just as great.

What does this do when comes to family & friends? Most singers are left with either being flattered or in greater cases they are harshly criticized. discouraged & ridiculed. This can and often does results in cruel jokes, name calling, negativity & back biting. I can tell you first-hand that I’ve experienced lots of critics & most of the feedback was just negative destructive GARBAGE. And what’s quite amusing is the 99.99% of the feedback singers receive is not even true or even reality…. But eventually it becomes reality once, the singers mindset is programmed & eventually it IS programmed.

The environment of a singer is VERY crucial towards their success. Why? Because environment affects the mental states, perceptions & attitudes of a singer- which eventually switches around their actual reality & the results they get from life.

What All Singers Should Do… Singers must make it a HABIT to avoid all negativity from friends & family. How do you do this? I hate to get controversial but in MOST cases a singer will have to cut out people from their life because of their negativity. And I hate to say this but sometimes our family can actually be doing us incredible amounts of harm even though deep inside they really may intend to do the best for us.

The truth is many times negative people in our life are not inherently evil or out there to “get us”. They think they know & you now what? They may actually really KNOW But here’s the problem they don’t UNDERSTAND. So what you could do is TRY to make them understand before completing cutting them out of your life. This will require open communication & honesty.

Tell them your reasons & why this is very important to you. If you get that “connection”, then great but I hate to say in most cases you won’t. And that point it’s actually best to let them out of your life. It sounds illogical & wrong since you may feel like you “owe” them something. That’s a false sense of loyalty.

My advice is this: Be civil & get them out of your life without resorting towards being mean or uncivil. The truth is this: You don’t really need positive people as much as you really need to get negative people out of your life. After that, it’s all about persistence… Any career will require persistence but you can’t have any persistence when you have negativity. And it’s ineffective to think you can just add in positivity. The negativity NEEDS to first go, only then does the positivity have it’s full strength.

Follow this advice & I promise as a singer you will find more positive results in your creative endeavor. I hope this article has helped any singer.

Source by Kelly K.

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