A False Flag Attack to Do What

I’ve been hearing all sorts of theories that the USUk plan to carry out some false flag attack in the Ukraine (that’s right, with “the” definite article) to blame Russia, so NATO could then get a pretext for intervening directly. There is a talk of nuclear weapons to be employed by NATO against Russia.

It’s not that simple.

Russia obviously has an enormous nuclear advantage over NATO. In fact, this is the principal area where Russia has an advantage. I never expected Russia to wage a conventional war. The fact that Russia is even bothering with it is astonishing. The ideal solution to the crisis is a massive nuclear strike: Russia should have carried out a deep saturation strike with thousands of warheads against major population centers in Eastern Europe, NATO bases, and political installations of the EU, and Russia should have done it ages ago because the only way to pacify and neutralize the EU and NATO is to destroy them for good. A campaign of extermination is long overdue and has been richly deserved by both the EU and NATO. Peace is no longer possible, the EU has burned all the bridges and set itself on an unavoidable collision course. Putin has the patience of a Christian saint, and he is a true, passionate humanitarian, but these are not the sort of qualities a statesman should possess, at least not one at the head of a nation facing the combined forces of universal evil. On the other hand, NATO, as a political outfit, has no nuclear weapons. None. In fact, it has no conventional weapons either. The US has nuclear weapons, but there is no way the US is going to exchange New York (which has the largest Jewish population on earth), Boston, Washington, DC, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami for a secondhand car market in a place like Wilno and Rzeszow. The nuclear arsenals of France and that stupid poverty-ridden deindustrialized fugitive oligarch infested nation off the northern Atlantic coast of France are laughably small; besides, France is not going to sacrifice Paris and Bordeaux for Kiev, Cracow, or some other stinking shithole. I am not so sure about Anglo-Judea, but despite its recklessness, effrontery and irrational madness the malignant entity is unlikely to commit suicide on its own accord, even though, of course, the majority of the planet’s population would be happy to see it finally go.

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