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Mediterranean cuisines have our heart, but as the summer slowly begins to wind down, we often find ourselves turning to Greece. Not only are many of our Greek recipes light and flavorful—often perfect for quick lunches or summertime meals—they use some of the best produce and ingredients of the season. Want a light salad with ripe tomatoes and slabs of feta? We’ve got you covered. Or, as the evenings start to cool, how about eggplant covered in meat sauce, bathed in bechamel, and topped with mashed potatoes? Whether you want creamy soup scattered with chopped herbs, a pan-fried cheese, or even just a classic lamb gyro, we’ve got a list of Greek recipes that we love for when we want a delicious and flavorful snack or meal.

Patates Lemonates (Greek Lemon Potatoes)

Vicky Wasik

Patates lemonates, a classic Greek side of potatoes roasted with olive oil, lemon juice, and oregano, are a top contender for the best creamy potatoes.

Skordalia (Greek Garlic and Potato Spread)

Vicky Wasik

Flavored with olive oil, vinegar, almonds, and raw garlic, skordalia will give you a whole new perspective on what mashed potatoes can be.

Avgolemono Soup (Greek Lemon-Egg Chicken Soup)

Vicky Wasik

This Greek classic is a lemon-and-egg thickener in a tangy chicken soup.

Horiatiki (Greek Salad)

Vicky Wasik

For the best Greek salad, combine traditional and non-traditional elements—and make sure to grab the best quality ingredients you can find.

Saganaki With Walnut Vinaigrette (Greek Pan-Fried Cheese)

Photographs and video: Vicky Wasik

Saganaki is a classic Greek appetizer of pan-fried cheese, which may or may not get flambéed. Here, we give the dish a small twist, serving the cheese topped with a toasted-walnut vinaigrette.


Serious Eats / Amanda Suarez

Moussaka is a classic Greek dish made of rich, hearty layers of potato, eggplant, and tomato-based meat sauce, blanketed in creamy béchamel.

Greek-American Lamb Gyros

Serious Eats / Jen Causey

Moist, well-seasoned slices of lamb with crispy edges, chopped tomatoes and cucumber, and a decadently creamy sauce—these are the components of a great homemade gyro.

Chicken Souvlaki With Tzatziki Sauce and Greek Salad

Serious Eats / Julia Estrada

With a double-duty marinade, it’s easy to pull together this Mediterranean feast at home.

Spanakopita (Greek Savory Greens Pie)

Vicky Wasik

For a twist on the classic, this version of traditional Greek spanakopita uses an assortment of greens and tender herbs in addition to spinach.

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