According to the Guardian:

Russian’s new military commander in Ukraine, Sergei Surovikin, warns, “An empire of n”*iggers, Jews and homosexuals are converging against Holy Russia,” in a fiery speech to conscripted troops. “If we lose, your sons will be castrated, Moscow will become Congo and Russia will cease to exist.”

This is a hoax. 

Surovikin never said that. 

Also note the oddball grammar errors, broken sentences, and fucked up punctuation marks. “Russian’s new military commander” instead of Russia’s new military commander. 

As if that were not enough:

Russian language does not have the word nigger. So if you don’t have the word, you can’t say it, regardless of whether your speech is fiery or cold and languid. Russia has never had a racism problem, as it never imported African slaves, never kept any colonies in Africa or elsewhere, and never had any issue with people of African origin. The Russian word “negre”, негръ, a term that describes someone who is of African descent, is derived from French, not English, and is linguistically related to the historically inoffensive English word negro. See a sea of difference.

Furthermore, most Russians detest Moscow and have no beef with Congo. This was clearly written by someone from either Eastern Europe or Israel with the intent of inflaming passions among the gullible and brainwashed citizens of the Usuk, and the collective transatlantic Fourth Reich. Because these words may be shocking for them, but they wouldn’t move contemporary Russians even a tiny bit. Our cultural sensibilities are not on the same wavelength. 

Also, Surovkin would have never mentioned the Jews in any context. He wouldn’t have dared to. Because Jews run Russia from the year 1917 and for someone to claim that Jews are converging on Russia would pretty much have the same effect as claiming that camels may be encountered in the Sahara. What could he have expected in response? A burst of hysterical laughter? Besides, the subject is a far great taboo in Russia than it is in the United States.

The homosexuals part won’t do the trick either. It is a popularly held belief that most of the State Duma’s members, Russia’s pliant parliament, including its speaker, as well as his entourage, are all homosexuals and the term bears no negative connotation, none whatsoever. He would have most certainly chosen a stronger word for the occasion, something that would mildly correspond with the word “fag” in American English. 

What we are witnessing here is yet another example of both shameless and deranged propaganda war waged against Russia by her enemies as well as the enemies of mankind. 


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