Setting the right artistic goals is more than energizing and inspirational! You step into your power when you create a crystal clear artistic intention. In fact, you start living as the artist you have always dreamed of being.

Don’t let this remain just a pleasant pipe dream. Learn right now how to set the kind of artistic goals that enable you to achieve what you truly want from life.

Create Only Goals That Empower You

It is easy to become overly caught up in fantasies. Initial brainstorming of possible outcomes can generate unrealistic plans to reach your goals. A bit of wild dreaming is expected and can actually motivate you. But if you don’t then apply a reality test to each option, you may end up disappointed, discouraged and discard your goals altogether.

Your Road to Rewarding Artistic Goals

Here are 10 success-driven steps to set winning goals:

  1. Identify Your Target Market.
  2. To thrive as an artist, you need to establish a clear mental picture of your targeted market. The goal is yours alone, so be completely frank.

  3. Create Specific Goals.
  4. A common goal is to paint and show your work more, but this is too general to be useful. Instead, define what you actually want: for example, “I want to exhibit in 6 shows and paint 2 pictures a month in 2012.” This is an achievable and measurable artistic goal.

  5. Set Short and Long-Term Milestones.
  6. Milestones serve a dual purpose. First, they motivate you with a focused target. Second, they break large overwhelming goals into smaller, manageable ones. Here’s how:

    • Picture your ideal long-term milestone. Make it vivid and let it energize you!
    • Mark this end point on a calendar.
    • Now, starting from your “due date”, work backwards. Schedule each short-term milestone that leads you to your ultimate goal.
    • Write it into your calendar.
    • Next, develop weekly goals to move you towards each short-term milestone.
    • Working backwards helps you achieve your goals by seeing the big picture first.
  7. Generate small, reachable artistic goals.
  8. These will maintain your enthusiasm and momentum.

  9. Expect setbacks.
  10. To expect that you will not experience any disappointment during your journey is simply unrealistic.

  11. Protect your focus.
  12. Determine how you will handle interruptions, unexpected events and low creativity, before they come to take a bite out of your productivity.

  13. Have confidence in your dream.
  14. Affirm that it’s OK if others lack the time or energy to encourage you. The one who needs to be fully committed to your dream is you. So go full tilt!

  15. Reevaluate your intention over time.
  16. It is okay and often necessary to periodically assess your initial goals. So conduct a review at regular, realistic intervals. Is this goal still valid?

  17. Revise your goal as needed.
  18. Rather than cling to a goal that no longer suits you or seems viable, update it so that it remains workable and compelling to you.

  19. Modify your strategy to fit changing times.
  20. Sometimes the goal works well, but you need to change your steps to achieve it. Shifts in your life situation can challenge you to become more resourceful. Welcome this as a chance to grow!

Artistic goals are yours. You can do with them as you wish. So bring to them the dedication they deserve. Then you live your life with passion, conviction and success!

Source by Ellene Breedlove Davis

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