What’s not to love about wine and cheese? Both indulgent and ever-changing, wine and cheese is a preferred and enjoyable pre-meal activity for people of all classes, races, religions, and ethnicities. All over the world you will find various kinds of cheese and wines being produced, and with modern-day importing and exporting, we are lucky to have our pick of many right here in the United States. That’s not to say that local North American wines and cheeses are not worth the choosing. We are also benefited by local wineries and cheese farms that grace us with their passion for quality craftsmanship and value.

But you don’t have to be an enthusiast or connoisseur to create your own wine and cheese pairings at home. Your local grocery store right around the corner is all you need to build the perfect charcuterie tray for your next night in. There are several quick and easy wine and cheese combinations you can go with to ensure you are coupling the right flavors and aromas for the perfect pairing experience. Below are ten examples of grocery store picks you can find at your local Kroger, Trader Joes, or Fresh Market locations.


When choosing a red wine, be sure to store it at 60 degrees Fahrenheit to allow the flavor to fully develop. And remove cheese trays from the refrigerator 30 to 40 minutes before serving to allow the cheeses to soften. Below are some easy red pairings to consider.

Cabernet Sauvignon:


Pinot Noir:



When choosing a white wine, be sure to store and serve at 45 degrees Fahrenheit for that perfect flavorful finish. And remember to remove the cheeses from the refrigerator prior to guests arriving. This will ensure every bite is gentle and pleasing. Below are some easy white pairings to consider.


White Zinfandel:


Sauvignon Blanc:

Pinot Gris:

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